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Hot Rod Review

They had 'em and we loved 'em, the awesome rides that were at the O'Reilly Auto Auto Parts World of Wheels that is.  There were hundreds of the area's finest at the Rosemont Convention Center and it's about time we did a review of all the great Hot Rods that were so proudly displayed.  From '57 Chevy's, to '41 Willys to '32 Ford's they were all there. Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Rat Rods, Customs and everything in between.  They made for a great show with tons to look at.  A final hoo rah for the World of Wheels in Chi-Town.  Now take a look at what I'm talking about, there were so many great rides I had to put them into 3 different slideshows.  Slideshow #1#2 and #3.  Enjoy, I know I did and until the next time, Keep on Krizin! 

Select 6 Recap

The Select 6 at the O'Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels Chicago were phenomenal examples of creativity and craftsmanship.   Within the ranks of the Select 6 were:  the '34 Ford Street Dragster of Vince and Terri Spretnjak.  Not only was this one of a kind homebuilt ride part of the Select 6 it was also winner of Best in Category - Pro Street Rod.  Next in the line up was the fabulous '32 Ford Miller Hauler of George Poteet.  Gold bars are the only thing worthy of haulin' in that baby.  The '67 Firebird of Sam and Bonnie Lynn is next on the list.  What started as a brake job to make the almost stock Firebird road worthy turned into this stunning ride.  The '33 Ford Phaeton; "The Gold Digger" of Tammy Ray follows.  If the name Gold Digger or that of the owner ring a bell it's because only a mere 2 weeks ago Tammy Ray became the first female solo owner to win the Ridler award with her Gold Digger.  Not at all surprising then that she found herself in the Select 6 and ultimately walking away with the weekend's top prize - The Legend Cup.  Richard and Page Udell's "Timeless", a '32 Ford All Steel Roadster is next, so appropriately named recongizing the enduring beauty of great roadster  Last but most definitely not least is the '56 Chevy of Alton Love; thoughtfully named "Shades of Love".  "Shades" the likes of which you have never seen, this beauty glowed in that convention center and "Love" because it was a labor of just that and it's evident from bumper to bumper on this choice Chevy.  "Shades of Love was a Best in Class winner making the trip from Elkhart, Indy well worth it.  

All 6 winners in their own right, each an example of painstaking perfection, It was awesome to see them in person.  Now you take an up close and personal look at the Select 6 in this slideshow.

'Til the next time Keep on Kruzin! 

More from World of Wheels

One of the new exhibits at this year's O'Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels was DragCity USA.  A unique display of vintage dragsters from the Don Garlits Drag Racing Museun and Greg Mosley's Mopar Museum.  Among the cars on display were a collection of Big Daddy's "Swamp Rats", Connie Kalitta's "Bounty Hunter" and "The Snake" of Don Prudhomme.  It was great to get up close and personal with those fire breathing monsters.  The exhibit was rounded out with local racing clubs and individual entrants, many cars I've personally seen in action.  There was one that I would give my right arm to see burning down the quarter - one Rad Ride by Troy.  Although that one might be too pretty to beat up on the track.  There was so much more showcased at this year's World of Wheels.  The exhibit of 1/2 scale NASCAR racers sure caught my eye.  See all this and more in the slideshow.  

As I've said before it didn't have to be on 4 wheels to be at World of Wheels.  If it was cool it was there; the outrageous trucks, radical motorcycles and a couple of slick sleds.  They're all in this slideshow.  Do yourself a favor and catch one of these shows when it comes to your area.  WorldofWheels.com has all the info.  'Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!

Spotlight on MotoRama

The signs said "Within these portals you see the most unusual cars in the world!"  How true, how true!  These's no better way to describe this year's MotoRama at World of Wheels; unusual to say the least.  And who could put on a show worthy of such a disclaimer?  Well, VooDoo Larry of course.  As we said before builder VooDoo Larry Grobe was asked to host the MotoRama Section of this years O'Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels.  Let it  suffice to say Larry worked his magic blew the lid off this event.  The rides were smoking'.  There were traditional rods, Kustoms, bobbers and some rides that just couldn't be put in a category, throw in a few Kustom bikes and you have your event.  I was happy to see that there were several of Larry's own builds there including his VooDoo Psychosis and VooDoo Idol as well as the VooDoo Demon and VooDoo Hellion.  In addition to Larry's work there were numerous examples of homebuilt creativity and professional builder work.  There is something about the world of Kustoms that brings out the most outrageous innovation and creativity.  The unexpected uses of steel, discarded parts, fur and Jagermeister bottles made this a truly one of a kind event.  To top it off there was a DJ spinning rocking hits all weekend long, a mobile tattoo parlor, live music on Saturday along with a pin-up girl contest.  It's no wonder the MotoRama was one of the hottest spots of the weekend!  VooDoo Larry's prowess has extended to show planning - I'm looking forward to next year. 

Don't take my word for it, have a look for yourself here's the MotoRama!  'Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!

World of Wheels Wrap Up

 What a show.  It was the perfect blend of all things automotive, I guess they knew what they were doing when they came up with the name!  Where else can you go and see; million dollar show cars, beautiful daily drivers, vintage dragsters, current racers- drag, 1/2 scale NASCAR, go cart and stock, tuner cars, car clubs, trick trucks, all types of motorcycles, vans, modern customs, contemporary and classic muscle, survivors and meticulous restorations and Old Skool Kustoms all under one roof.  Throw in a helicopter and some snowmobiles and you have the 48th Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels Chicago.  Really what else can I say?  There wasn't an empty square foot at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center and I think I criss-Crossed all 550,000 of them 20 times!

It was a great show and without a doubt I had a fantastic time.  I was even able to catch a few minutes of the freestyle bikes.  It's crazy what those guys can do on two and mostly one wheel.  Yesterdays highlights included an airbrushing demo by Richard Markham - realistic flames, boy does he make it look easy.  And a remote control drag racing exhibition.  Are you catching the drift, I don't use jam packed lightly.  If you get the chance I highly recommend attending a show near you.. Here's the website where you can find the schedule World of Wheels.com.  I want to give a shout out to the Love cousins (Shades of Love).  It was great getting the story behind that beautiful Chevy.  Hey to Vince, his family and the fellas from Calumet Collision and lastly a big salute to Larry, you did a great job.  Here's a slideshow to wet your appetite for more things to come.  'Til the next time Keep on Kruzin! 


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