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20th Annual Orphan Auto Picnic

I hit another awesome show this weekend - the 20th Annual Orphan Auto Picnic; put on by the Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiast Club.  Much like the Micro/Mini Meet, the Orphan Auto Picnic was a bit off the beaten path for me but well worth the effort!  This picnic/show gloriously showcased those rare and unique vehicles that you just don't get to see all that much of anymore.  The Orphans at this show were either abandoned marques or brands, or the manufacturer itself is no longer in business; additionally the ride had to be at least 20 years old.  Just the right ingredients for a perfectly unique "Picnic".  How often do you get to see multiple Metropolitans, a hoard of Hudsons or a crush of Corvairs all in one spot and thats just naming only a few of the defunct darlings of the automotive world that were at this years Picnic.  

Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version!

And when I say a crush of Corvairs, I mean 62 of these rear engine beauties gathered together and displayed as the featured vehicle of this 20th Annual Picnic.  There were examples of every Corvair ever produced, including 3 very rare 1st edition 1960 models.  I must say, I saw the 50th Anniversary Corvair display at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green and in my humble opinion, the gathering at this year's picnic was quite a bit larger and packed a much bugger punch - way to go Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts!   

To date, this years Picnic was the largest yet and the numbers keep growing each year, both in registered Orphans and spectator attendance.  It is understandable because this really is a great show.  Who wouldn't love a show where you are greeted with a smile and a commemorative badge upon entering and once you're there you feel like you've been invited to a family reunion.  My OAP 20 badge is on my camera bag and I will be keeping that souvenir proudly with me for many shows to come. 

The owners of these Orphans are some of the most passionate enthusiasts I have ever encountered.  Open and inviting, they were more than happy to answer any passing query about their "babies".  In addition to interesting and unique vehicles, the Kendall County Fairground is the perfect venue; plenty of shade and plenty of room to grow.  It all makes for a really great vibe to this show and trust me, this is really something special.  This is an event that I would highly recommend.  Twenty successful years and counting, this show is here to stay!   If you are interested in next years Picnic or any of the other interesting things the Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts Club is up to, check out their website.  Not only passionate about the preservation and celebration of the Corvair, this club is just as enthusiastic about putting on a great event showcasing all Orphans from across the automotive industry - thanks for keeping the Faith!  Enough talking about this great event, check out the slideshow - it goes a little fast but there was a TON to fit in.  Enjoy!

'Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!

Micro/Mini Car World Meet

Hello my friends.  Please accept my apology for the unexpected "vacation" but not to worry,  I'm back on the road with all eight cooking, looking for great events to bring to you!  My first show back.... The Micro/Mini Car WORLD Meet!  How lucky was I that this unique event was only a few miles down the road.  I know this show is a bit of a departure from what I normally cover but when the WORLD is meeting only minutes away who could resist.  

You know the attention a Metropolitan or a Mini gets at a show.  Now imagine an entire show devoted to not only those marques but nearly a dozen of other unique Micro/Mini vehicles.  It was awesome.  There were nearly 425 cars on display, all with engines 1,500 cc's or smaller.  Unlike most car shows less was more, at the Micro/Mini Meet "the smaller the better" was the rule.  

This was the first event of its kind.  I was told that this meet was the most comprehensive gathering of Micro/Mini cars ever.  The global scope of this event sure tested my automotive knowledge.  With cars from the U.S., 6 European countries, Japan, Australia and New Zealand there was plenty of opportunity to learn a thing or two.  Each car was a unique experience.  There were:  Austins, Bantams, Minis and King Midgets; Subarus and Hondas; Rolux, Vespa, Isettas and Citroen; a little more obscure Rute, Velorex, Haflinger and Trident just to name a few!  As unique as the cars were so were the stories behind them.  My favorite was the couple that tore up Rt. 66 all the way from Malibu to Chicago in their 1958 Isetta, thats over 1,700 miles in an Isetta - oh my!  And that was just one of many great stories from this great show. 

Here are just some of the little gems at the Micro/Mini Meet.  

Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version!
Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version!
Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version!

Don't worry there's much more in the slideshow of this unique event.  I bet you'll see some cars you've only heard of.  Let's hope the success of this show ensures  many more meets like this one - it was a blast.

Boy, it's great to be back. "Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin






Two for One

Ok, one blog; two shows.  First, downtown Barrington.  Another great turnout for this show that has over 100 successful events "under their belt".  The Barrington weekly cruise night is clearly here to stay.  Offering live music, entertainment for young rodders (balloon artist this week) and great food make this Thursday night show a favorite.  The real reason  for the show I know, are the cars and Barrington draws a unique variety of rides that changes every week.  Check out this weeks collection in the Barrington slideshow. (as I post this the audio portion hasn't "swapped" yet -YouTube is far greater than I, soon hopefully soon)  FYI - I hear a talented Kustomizing friend of mine will be at Barrington on the 5th with a certain fire breathing rod, if you're in the area you wont be disappointed!

Show number two; the Lake Zurich Lions Club Charity Car Show.  Fred Blau park was the spot for this charitable event on Sunday.  Beautiful sunny skies only added to the charm of the tree trimmed park filled with unique and quality rides.  Great tunes from 39 and holding with the Lions grill, manned by several skilled Lionesses turning out BBQ favorites completed the show.  The Lions are hoping to send 1 possibly 2 disabled children to camp with the money raised from this event.  It sure seemed like the show was a success hopefully there will be many happy campers in the near future!  You can see it all in slideshow  Lake Zurich Lions Club Car Show  .

'Til the next time- Keep on Kruzin!

Cruisin' Cary - July

 With a "name" like Pony Girl you can imagine I was not at all disappointed when I rolled into downtown Cary last night for the Cruisin' Cary show and discovered that it was Mustang/Cobra night.  There were terrific 1st through 5th gen. Mustangs lining Main Street.  I was partial to the "Eleanor" in attendance but, I would never play favorites.  Not to worry my friends, there were many non-Ford rides as well and you can see them in the Cruisin' Cary slideshow.  

A quick hi to Curt (Mr. Hemi-T), it was great to finally meet you and thanks for all the ideas.  Good luck with the Mooseheart Show.  It sounds like it's going to be a great show benefitting an even greater cause.  FYI here's the info on the  "Crazy-T's"  show In August, if you are in the area check it out.  

'Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!


The "Little" Show That Could!

Car Fun on 21 is the name of the show.  It happens the 3rd Wednesday of the month, it's a relative newcomer to the scene but it's an event that's gaining momentum and most definitely worth seeking out.  The show is put on by MainStreet Libertyville, a non-profit, volunteer based association that, in addition to Car Fun on 21, organizes over 50 events engineered to bring people to this charming downtown area.  With "Car Fun" the folks at MainStreet Libertyville sure have all the right ingredients for the perfect show.  The great setting of historic downtown Libertyville, plenty of space to park, live entertainment and good food to boot; like sandwiches from the Sub Depot, frozen Custard from Culver's of Libertyville - who incidentally is hosting their own cruise night next Wednesday and even free samples from Lovin' Oven Cakery.  If that doesn't suit you there are several other fantastic dining options up and down Milwaukee Ave.  

I know more cars less food but I was hungry and there was so much to choose from!  OK back to the rides; in a word- great!  There was a  first for me at this show; a Stanley Steamer Car.  Good thing the brakes work because I first saw it as it was hot on my heels, literally!  That's one stealthy ride.  Mike Roach brought out his 1914 Stanley Wednesday night and it was quite the crowd pleaser.  He was more than happy to give a quick lesson on the car and it's mechanics and answer the many questions from the admirers.  You can check out Mike's Stanley and the rest this "fun" event in the slideshow Car Fun on 21.  For more info about this show and to find out about the other great events MainStreet Libertyville puts on visit Mainstreet Libertyville online.   And for event info for the Culver's Cruise Night e-mail chris@culvers.biz.  

'Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!


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