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Park on Park - July

The Park on Park July show was fantastic.  Downtown Mundelein was filled with nearly 500 cars - 500!  There are National shows that would do just about anything to get a turnout like the showing they had in Mundelein on Wednesday.  Mr. Christie and company have found the right equation to create a successful monthly cruise night - 10 years and going strong!  The only thing they are going to have to do is work with the village of Mundelein and get them to expand their downtown area to make room for more parking!  In addition to having such a loyal following and successful shows the folks at Park on Park find themselves in a unique position regarding their impressive sponsor list.  How fortunate for them that there are several world class builders in the immediate Mundelein area willing to help sponsor these events.  One such sponsor; The Roadster Shop, brought quite an impressive and "well decorated" display with them this month.  Not only did they have gorgeous examples of their recent work, ( a Surburban the likes of which you've never seen) they had the  winner of the GoodGuys 2009 Street Machine of the year (the Black 'Vette), and hot from Columbus, Ohio and the GoodGuys Nationals they had the runners up from both the Street Rod and Street Machine of the year categories.  These guys turn out some of the hottest rides out there and all the folks that attended Park on Park on Wednesday had no idea they were in store for a world class display of automotive genius.  Thank you Roadster Shop for bringing out the big guns and letting us get up close and personal.  What a thrill!  Have a quick look at the goods!

Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version! Click the thumbnail to view a larger version!

There was so much going on I had to put together 2 slideshows.  You can relive this awesome night at Park on Park in the slideshows Park on Park July and Park on Park July II.  Enjoy!  You still have 2 opportunities to see this great show for yourself.  It's the second Wednesday of the month; August 11th and September 8th.  For more info check out ParkonPark.com.

"Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!

Short But Sweet

 The 13th GoodGuys Nationals sure ended in style.  The winners corrals were outstanding - it's a good thing GoodGuys does the choosing because there's no way I could pick from the thousands of fantastic rides that were in Columbus this weekend.  GoodGuys Nationals is traditionally the show where builders come to compete for top honors and today we saw 20 winners of the Trendsetter Builder's Choice Award.  Creativity, innovative design with just a little horsepower was the name of the game with this group.

Well, today is a day for word conservation - three solid days of hot rodding action has left this Pony Girl out of gas.  So, sit back and enjoy a look at the Trendsetter Builder's Choice Award recipients and stay tuned for much, much more from this fantastic weekend.  And Darlene - don't worry, you'll see that gorgeous Right on Resto winner of yours soon! ( and have a safe trip back to West Virginia)

'Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!


And the Winner Is....

What an exciting day at the 13th Goodguys Nationals!  As if thousands of awesome rides was not excitement enough; today was the day GoodGuys announced the winners of the Ridetech GoodGuys 2010 Street Machine of the year and the Classic Instrument GoodGuys 2010 Street Rod of the Year. Wow!  All the contenders had "hit it out of the park"  with their awesome, inventive and unexpected creations but by 6:30, 10 contestants were down to 2 winners.  

The winner for the Ridetech GoodGuys 2010 Street Machine was Karen Leisinger from Sioux Falls, South Dakota with her '67 Camaro "Scar".  An admitted 1st gen. Camaro lover Karen's vision for her '67 was to take the 1st generation Camaro and unpdate it with all the comforts of the 2010 version.  Rather than new going retro this beauty is the opposite.  The name Scar, by the way is two fold; the "scars" left from ALL the modifications done with this build in addition to the "scars" those 600 horses leave on the pavement.  Congrats Karen!  

The winner of the GoodGuys 2010 Street Rod of the year was Jerry Magnuson from Ventura California and his '32 Ford "Muroc".  Mr. Magnuson's Ford is powered by a 570hp, supercharged LS-1.  This beauty was a collaborative effort with the last 10% completed by Chip Foose.  This ride is no stranger to winning, it won the Street Rod D'Elegance earlier this year.  Congrats Jerry. 

These rides were so popular it was hard to get a clear shot of them.  I was able to snap a few shots and they are here in this slideshow of the winners.

Can't forget the thousands and thousands of other rides that filled the Ohio Expo Center today.  Take a look at the slideshow.  It had a taste of everything;  The GoodGuys; Mighty Muscle, Trick Truck, Homebuilt Heaven and You Gota Drive 'em Corrals as well as the GoodGuys Boss Snake "giveaway car"  and a whole lot more.  Take a look at 13th GoodGuys Nats. II

And belated good wishes to you all; I hope you had a happy National Collector Car Day.  It was yesterday and I must admit I was in the perfect place to celebrate it.  

"Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!

13th GoodGuys Nats Kick Off!

Day one of the 13th GoodGuys Nationals and I'm glad I have 2 more days to try and fit it all in.  This is a monster show.   What's great about a GoodGuys event is the variety of rides that show up and Columbus is bursting at the seams with awesome Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Customs, Trucks and Classics.  Needless to say there was tons to see. OK, it was a little wet and the autocross and drag racing were cancelled but let me tell you it would take a lot more that some rain to put a damper on this event.  These "good guys" were not afraid of a little water and took the free car wash with good humor.  Day one is here in two slideshows 13th GoodGuys Nats. and GoodGuys Nats.  

For more info about this awesome show and the others put on by GoodGuys check out GoodGuys.com

'Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!

Keeping Busy

My apologies for the short absence my friends, I must admit I had to take a brief break after Back to the 50's, eleven thousand plus cars sure took it out of me!  Since I have been back though I have been very busy with local shows.  There is so much to choose from my only gripe is there isn't enough time to hit them all.  

I've hit Barrington, Cary, Richmond, Mount Prospect and Bristol.  With the stiff competition for event attendance these shows have really carved out  quite a loyal following.  They were turning them away in Barrington and downtown Cary was packed by 6:05! (it's starts at 6:00)  The show at Richmond was the perfect kick off to the holiday weekend with an an awesome turnout filling the lots at both Dog n Suds and Hauer's.  And the Metra lot in Mount Prospect on Saturday was lined with cars from Rt. 14 to Rt. 83; the Blues Mobile cruise night really packed 'em in!  The perfect bookend to the weekend was the show at Bristol 45 Diner.  Is there a better way to end a holiday weekend than a chocolate malt and car show?  All the goods are here in 5 slideshows - sit down and relax there's; Barrington 6/24, Cary 6/30, Richmond Cruise Night, Blues Mobile Cruise Night and last but not least Bristol 45 Diner 7/5.  

FYI - I'm packing my bags and getting ready to head out to the GoodGuys/PPG Nats. in Columbus, Ohio.  Goodguys biggest event - stay tuned!

Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin'!

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