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Heating Things Up at the 12th Southwest Nationals

 I have two words for you... Ooooh Yeah!  The first day of the 12th Annual Southwest Nationals was off the hook and we're told that today was just "practice" for tomorrow.  If what we saw today was practice these "good guys" of the Southwest sure know how to bring the goods.  Now I know it may be hard for some of you to imagine but there are parts of this beautiful land where your "babies" don't have to hibernate for the winter, and the show season doesn't end in October.   Well, my northern friends, stretch those imaginations and follow us while we are here in Scottsdale, AZ covering this awesome GoodGuys show.    

The cars here at the Southwest Nats. are out of bounds.  How about a Peterbuilt hot rod or a ride called the Polynesian Spectacle. There are customs to knock your socks off, trucks and muscle cars  galore.  And if you were so inclined you could pick up your mobile "retirement home" in the swap meet area.  Check out the day one slide show to see just a hint of what this 12th Southwest Nats. has to offer.   

Stay tuned my friends.... there's a dyno here that'll show us what these rad rods are made of, as well as much more coverage of the thousands of rides in attendance!

Till then my friends Keep on Kruzin! 

Tearing Up The Track at the Nostalgia Nationals

As I said before, the GoodGuys 2nd Nostalgia Nationals at Beech Bend Park had it all:  historic location, great cars, lots of terrific vendors, but the icing on the cake though was the three planned days of Nostalgia Drag Racing.  Although due to Mother Nature only two days of racing were possible, the action on the strip made up for lost time; it was absolutely off the hook. Nostalgia Drag Racing is racing the way it used to be; heads up, run what you brung, no big buck sponsors, no star wars technology; just pure back in the day, old school racing.  The Drags at Beech Bend Raceway Park had the spectrum covered from 60's and 70's factory muscle cars doing awesome wheelies to resurrected funny car floppers and front engine top fuel rails burning up the 1/4 mile.  Would you believe an all steel, stock bodied Mopar that didn't even have a trans break ran in the 7's!  To check out the action take a gander at the slideshow and video of a sampling of the two days of racing at Beech Bend Raceway.

The group that best epitomizes "Old School" racing and really supports Drag Racing the way it used to be is the Geezer Gassers, that affable crew driving those wild, high front end, straight axle Anglias, Austins, Willys and other beauties that back in the 60's ruled the strip.  Watching them run is like stepping back in time and reliving the "Gasser Wars."  The days of Stone, Woods and Cook come back to life right before your eyes.  Take a trip down memory lane and watch the slideshow and video of these "Geezers" tearing up the track.  If you looked closely, the last run on the video was one beauty of a gold Anglia, a '48 to be exact, powered by an injected Small Block Chevy and driven by Bill Caughron.  Now it was certainly an impressive pass, but wait until you see what we've got next.  Check out this video where you see the Anglia pass again, but this time we've added to the video shots from underneath the car, first looking forward, then looking backwards.  In looking backwards you'll see the burnout and then actually experience the front suspension lifting off the track!  Hang on tight and watch the video of this wild ride.  For more info about this great group check out the Geezer Gasser site.

Till the next time Keep on Kruzin!

Good Day for GoodGuys

It was picture perfect for the final day of the GoodGuys 2nd Nostalgia Nationals.  There must be something not only about the Kentucky rain but the Kentucky sunshine - man the cars were almost electric on Sunday under the sun and crystal blue skies.  And forget the napalm in the morning, after the 2nd Nostalgia Nationals and the Nostalgia Dragsters, there's nothing like the smell of of nitro methane in the morning!  To see some of the action check out the video.  Like I said before you just can't beat watching these Nostalgia Dragsters tearing up the track and then you are only steps away from some of the finest rides in the country, only at GoodGuys and Beech Bend Park.

And speaking of rides Sunday we saw the winners and with awards like; SOOO Low, Cool Commercial, Slick Sled, Dare to be Different, Timeless Traditional, Hottest Hot Rod and Just Cause It's Neat - only to name a few so you know these were some awesome rides.  But the great rides didn't end there, it was car after car and let me tell you the "goodguys"  were out in all their glory, enough turned out beauties to really knock your socks off.  Watch the slideshow and you can see for yourself.

It was a great event with so much action I can tell you that this Pony Girl is exhausted- I'll let you in on a little secret though, I can't wait 'til the next one!  If you missed this event you gotta do yourself a favor and find a GoodGuys show near you, trust me you won't be disappointed.  For the goods on this event and other GoodGuys happenings visit their site Good-Guys.com 

One final note a special shout out to the Geezer Gassers and to Sue and Roger Campbell and the Rod Squad it was such a pleasure meeting all of you and sit tight, there is much more content to come and yes I mean the videos.  I hope you all made it home safely,  

Till the next time my friends, Keep on Kruzin'!

Day Two: GoodGuys 2nd Nostalgia Nationals

I think the announcer said it best, "Autumn has hit Beech Bend pretty hard".  Although it wasn't quite the picture perfect day old Mother Nature would have to work a lot harder to squash the happenings at the 2nd Nostalgia Nationals today.  Every one was out with their finest, and it seemed like the car count doubled overnight!  What a day, walking around the historic Beech Bend park, looking at hundreds of fine rides, listening to the rumble and roar of the nostalgia dragsters and every once in a while catching a whiff of nitro methane, a perfect 10 in my book!

This GoodGuys event is off the charts.  The rides were all dried off and filling the various corrals to capacity:  the tricked out trucks, homebuilt heaven, you gotta drive 'em, builders choice, mighty muscle, all unreal and the "goodguys"  in the surrounding areas has some of the most unexpected, unique and out of bounds stuff- you get the drift.  Just check out the slideshows and you can see what I mean.  GoodGuys 2nd Nostalgia Nationals Saturday  #1 and GoodGuys 2nd Nostalgia Nationals Saturday #2.  

But, the rides were just a part of this event.  The louder and slightly more powerful part was the Nostalgia Drags that took place throughout the day.  You will catch a glimpse of them in my slideshow, with much more to come later, especially a feature that we're gonna do on the Geezer Gassers.  These cars and their drivers put on one wild show!  Jam packed racing action, endless isles of tricked out rides, vendors from a to z and a swap meet, how can you miss.  GoodGuys 2nd Nostalgia Nationals has it all.  Can't wait for tomorrow, till then Keep on Kruzin'.

A side note:  a special thanks to the couple from Nashville who so generously provided a little "anti freeze" to take the chill off - it was much appreciated.    


GoodGuys 2nd Nostalgia Nationals Day One

Hot Cars and Cold People, that was the theme at the GoodGuys 2nd Nostalgia Nationals at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green Kentucky today.  Although the mercury hovered around 44' the awesome rides kept showing up one after another, lining the roadways all around the raceway park. The showers and cool temps sure put the heaters of many of the fine rides to the test and let me tell you there is nothing like the smell of "old school" - pre E.P.A. exhaust to warm you right up.  

The number and the quality of cars that were here today was really remarkable and I know the weekend is going to be a real blast.   An added bonus  are the nostalgia drags that go on simultaneously with the show, I hear there are some pretty intense rivalries going on, tomorrow and Sunday should be something else!  For now though, take a look at my slideshows  2nd Nostalgia Nationals Day One #1 and 2nd Nostalgia Nationals Day One #2 to see for yourself awesome rides that were at Beech Bend Raceway Park today, and keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Till tomorrow - Keep on Kruzin!


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