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Blacktop Barons Roadblock

Bad weather Saturday didn't bum out the Blacktop Barons; the 5th Annual Roadblock was quite the bash.  Sweet Chariots, rockin' Rockabilly, and a smokin' grill were the ingredients for a great day - who needed the sun!  Customs, Classics and one of a kind's came out for the Roadblock, all parked on the grounds of the Lyons Farm Historic Village, creating a "roadblock" the likes of which you've never seen!  Nothing like the classic rides and historic buildings to create a great vibe.  Not only was this a great opportunity to hang out in a cool place with cool rides but, all the proceeds form the Roadblock went the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  So you were doing good without even tryin'!  See for yourself what a great show the Blacktop Barons put on, it's all in the slideshow.  I know this show is going on my calendar for next year!  

Memorable Weeekend

It was a wonderful weekend for the "official" start to the cruising season.  Friday we decided to head to Rolling Meadows for the cruise night the Rolling Meadows Cruisers Car Clubs puts on.  It was support the troops night, and the people were out in droves.  We have it on good authority that there were nearly 300 cars parked in the old Dominick's lot.  This show runs Friday nights all summer long and trust me, this show is worth the trip.  If you're bringing your ride people start arriving around 4:30 anytime after 6 is great if you are there to simply "gawk" at the awesome display.  Everything from mild to wild at this one.  Check out the slideshow and you can see for yourself.  

Saturday we found ourselves at Miller's Dog N Suds for the season opener of their Saturday Cruise Night.  Let me tell you we picked the perfect night to head up to Miller's!  The lot at the drive-in was filled to capacity; the overflow filled the neighboring lot  and was spilling over to the train station.  The finest Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Customs and Classics in the area were out at Miller's on Saturday.  In addition to the rides that come out for this event there is the draw of Miller's itself.  Going to Miller's Dog N Suds is like stepping back in time.  It's a true 50's style drive-in; family owned and operated for 43 years.  Roy (second generation) was handing out dash plaques, his son Brad was running the restaurant and various grandchildren, nieces and nephews were car hopping or serving that famous root beer.  It was an all around great event, with live music to boot!  The Saturday Cruise Night runs through the summer from 6-10pm,  like Rolling Meadows - get there early!  Here is the first slideshow of our Saturday night; sorry I don't have a Coney Dog to go with it.  

Stay tuned for more from our jam packed weekend.



Hunnert Car Heads Up

Traditional old school drag racing was the name of the game on Saturday at the historic Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove Wisconsin.  And it was the fellas of the Chrome Czars car club that were responsible for the awesome shin dig.  If that name sounds familiar it's because the Chrome Czars put on none other than the notorious Hunnert Car Pile Up every year.  Let me tell you when this club puts it's efforts into an event it's a happening that's sure to please.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not get the memo that this hoe down was going on and failed to cooperate with the "Czars" this year.  I felt hail, get the drift.  Weather aside, it was a great event with hundreds of hearty souls out braving the elements to enjoy a day of drag racing as well an impressive show and "shine" .  As with the Pile Up the rides that showed up for the Heads Up were fantastic examples of pre-1965 mechanical artistry.  Creativity and individuality was everywhere.  Check out my slideshow to see for yourself.    As for the racing well, it was traditional hot rod racing at its best.  No timing lights, no win loose lights, real hands drop flag man (& woman). If you won you went on to the next race; if you lost "you went to the bar."   There were gassers, hot rods, A/FX cars and even front engine dragsters.  It was all heads up, just like back in the day racing, come as you are and run what you brung.  It was great to see those cars not only looking pretty in the pits but tearing up the track.  I have a slideshow  and video so you can see the goods for yourself.  Well, it was a great albeit damp start to the local season.  I look forward to getting out and about.  Next show Park on Park.  I hope old Mother Nature gets the memo this time!

"Till the next time - Keep on Kruzin!

Road Trip Pit Stop Pt. 2

So it seems that the Corvette Museum was a bit of a hit.  I had a few more pictures so I decided to put a slideshow together so you could get a truer National Corvette Museum experience.  Now I'm telling you, if you have any inclination toward "America's Sports Car"  this slideshow will show you that you need to make the trip to Bowling Green and check this place out.  The dizzying display of unique and one of a kind Vette's is something that shouldn't be missed.   The slideshow is just a sweet temptation and the tip of the iceberg of what this museum has to offer.  Enjoy!

Til the next time  - Keep on Kruzin!

Road Trip Pit Stop

You never know what you are going to experience when you head out on a road trip.  Recently, heading north on I-65 brought me through Bowling Green, Kentucky and although I've passed that distinctive building with the red spire for years this was my first opportunity to stop and so I paid my first visit to The National Corvette Museum.  The do a fantastic job celebrating and chronicling and the evolution and multiple incarnations of  "America's Sports Car".  Now you don't have to be a die hard Chevy lover to appreciate this museum, it's an interactive, gear engaging experience that any self respecting motor head can enjoy.  If the Corvette is your one and only, you owe it to yourself to make the pilgrimage to this Vette Mecca.  All I can say is the stop was well worth rolling in after midnight.  You can check out the pictures of my detour in the Members Gallery in, you guessed it, the Corvette category.

'Til the next time - Keep on Kruzin!

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