America’s Most Beautiful Roadster 2018

It was the Granddaddy of them all the Grand National Roadster Show, America’s longest running indoor car show.  If that longevity wasn’t enough for bragging rights, the GNRS is where the world finds which roadster is America’s Most Beautiful.  The America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award is the top honor an “open” hot rod can earn.  U.S. built roadsters, roadster pickups and touring vehicles 1937 and older, including “designer roadsters” that resemble a ’37 or older are eligible.  There were 15 rides vying for the prestigious award this year, but room for only one name on that infamous trophy.  The ’31 Ford, belonging to Dave Martin came out on top this year.   Martin has owned this ’31 for 35 years and during those decades it has seen many incarnations.  The current “The Martin Special” is an example of form following function.  It was built for the road, in the pursuit of speed and handing.  Mission accomplished when it ran the Silver State Classic.  Needless to say the latest AMBR winner has had some aesthetic adjustments since ripping up the Nevada highway at 100mph.  The “skin” is a bit different, but the bones are the same.  According the the “Martin Special” build plaque: the body is an “original-ish” Ford.  Original ’32 rails, a modified center section with torsion front suspension by MOAL, make up the chassis and a small block chevy out of Ed Pink racing engines get this AMBR winner on down the road.  So much more went into the building of this beauty, but more on that later.  For now cast your peepers at the newest America’s Most Beautiful Roadster “The Martin Special”.

This ride was crafted to perfection by the gang at Hot Rods and Hobbies.  Be sure to check out their Builders Showroom, something tells me these guys are are going to be rather busy for a while!

Now take a gander at the rest of this incomparable field.  Those judges had their work cut our for them!

I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of this show.  Come back and come back often.  I’ll be bringing you everything the Grand National Roadster Show had to offer.  Just let me tell you, it was amazing!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!