Builder Registration

KruzinUSA believes that American Hot Rod Builders are the “epicenter”, truly “ground zero” for automotive creativity and innovation not just in the United States but around the world. Our site is dedicated to featuring the “latest/greatest” automotive rolling art created by this extremely talented group of builders who are in our opinion unmatched anywhere else in the world.  KruzinUSA is committed to offering every US Hot Rod Builder, big or small, a Free Builders Showroom to showcase their builds. It includes two things:

  1. A revolutionary all-in-one SOCIAL MEDIA GALLERY that uses proprietary technology to automatically capture all the Builder’s picture and video posts on FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube, replicate and then consolidate them in their own all-in-one KruzinUSA Social Media Gallery. Think of it as a  way to boost the reach of every one of your initial posts by exposing them to the KruzinUSA Nation of not only 200 thousand grass roots hot rodders, over 340 hot rod Car Clubs but  also its rapidly growing network of over 200+ of some of the country’s top Professional Hot Rod Builders that have discovered and are now regularly posting their new builds on our site. And the beauty of this proprietary technology is that your all-in-one KruzinUSA Social Media Gallery is initially populated and automatically updated every day without you ever having to lift a finger!
  2. A CONTACT MODULE that features your Builders’s Logo, complete Contact Information and a Link to your website

If you’re interested in having your own FREE Builders Showroom, just fill in the name of your shop and your email address below and we’ll take it from there. We’ll create your Contact Module and your own all-in-one Social Media Gallery, populate it with your latest FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube posts, and then send you an email letting you know it’s up and running.

It’s just that easy. What have you got to lose!