Builders Showrooms “Pick of the Week” – Ryan’s Rod & Kustom

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This week’s Builders Showrooms “Pick of the Week” is coming to you from Chris Ryan and his Ryan’s Rod and Kustom. You see, I’m going through Custom Car Revival withdrawal. It’s a hangover with ledsled written all over it and the only thing that seems to help is a little hair of the dog. Friends, “The Golden Empress” is just that bit of the hair that’ll tide a body over for a while.

Chris Ryan is the artistic architect that brought this sultan of supreme style to life. Ryan and his shop Ryan’s Rods & Kustoms are no strangers to creating one of kind, stunning custom rides. His motto, “large shop capabilities, small shop individualized service,” sure gets outstanding results. “The Golden Empress” is a true demonstration of Chris Ryan’s incredible talent. This ’49 Cadillac convertible has it all and then some. Here’s the rundown. This ’49 beauty has been nosed, decked and shaved. The firewall was moved and the bumpers were cut and tucked. The center console was hand formed and she was custom coated in PPG’s finest by Mr. “Kustom” Ryan himself. This baby has an ultra-rare Horne 4×2 intake, Stromberg 97 carbs and a ’59 Caddy 390 power plant. The attention to detail on the interior matches that of the exterior. You can’t miss that winter white supple leather draping the thunderbird front seats and the custom built backseats. It just beckons to you to hop in and take a spin. This Queenly ride reigns sovereign on the streets, that’s for certain.

Now take a visual spin over this ride yourself and you’ll soon understand Mr. Ryan sure knows his stuff! Be sure not to miss that leopard print!

Now that we have wet your wistle with Chris Ryan’s creative styling, hit up his all in one social media gallery in his Ryan’s Rod & Kustom Buidlers Showroom. You won’t be disappointed.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!

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