Car Craft Summer Nationals 2015

Car Craft Summer Nationals; it’s billed as one of the largest shows in the Nation and I’m hear to give a hearty heck yes indeed it is. The Wisconsin State Fair Grounds was busting with anything and everything you can imagine. Rides from all over the country parked bumper to bumper. What a display, what a show. The Summer Nationals is now on the permanent must attend list.

If that weren’t enough, eight of the Nation’s top builder’s were invited to compete in the Pro Builder’s Shootout. Holy Smokes is about all I can say. Big Oak Garage, Ring Brothers, Schwartz Performance, The Roadster Shop, Rad Rides by Troy, V8 Speed and Resto Shop, Muscle Car Restoration, D & Z Customs. Whoa – Dang! Right. I caught myself playing “if I won the lottery tomorrow I would buy …” How could a mere mortal choose one out of that incredible field. I”ll never tell who I cast my vote for; I just recoil at the thought of picking just one. The choice though was put in the hands of the people. They spoke and named the Roadster Shop Pro Builder of the Year with their insanely awesome Charger. Congrats. Have a look for yourself and I dare you to pick just one.

Here’s just a fraction of the finery that was out for the Car Craft Simmer Nationals. You can check out the remaining rides in the Most Recent Show Gallery. It’s worth a gander.

Hey friends, I can feel something “Spectacular” is on the horizon!