It’s a Wrap for the SEMA 2018 Show

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SEMA Show 2018 Wrap Up

The week we spent at the SEMA Show went by faster than Tony Schumacher can get down the track.  It was a whirlwind of automotive awesomeness that left us overwhelmed, worn-out and wanting for more.  It goes without saying that …

TUX Wins Battle of the Builders

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2018 SEMA Battle of the Builders Winner DSE Tux

Red sky at night, SEMA Ignites, and Ignite it did.  The party after the party that is SEMA was off the hook.  Not only was it a feast for they eyes, it was bass thumping, tire burning, pro drifting, Nitro …

SEMA Show is Firing on All Eight

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SEMA's firing on all eight

This show is firing on all eight with a huge hit of nitrous!  It’s a big pond, with even bigger fish.  The bar has been set sky high and the 2018 SEMA Show has blown right over it.  Unexpected is …

SEMA Show 2018 Tuesday

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SEMA Show Battle of the Builders 2018 Top 10 Hot Rods

Imagine if you can, the best fo the best, all in one spot.  The week long spectacle of custom everything otherwise know as the SEMA Show is well underway.  Straight out of the blocks, the Battle of the Builders has …

SEMA Show 2018 Sneak Peak

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SEMA Show Sneak Peak 2018 Monday

Wild, extreme, over the top, “Never Enough”.  It can only be one thing, the SEMA Show.  Lucky for us, we were invited for the fourth consecutive year to come out and try to take in all that is this incomparable …

Hollywood Hot Rods Bare Metal Beautiful

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Hollywood Hot Rods "The Grudge"

Troy Ladd and his gang at Hollywood Hot Rods keep raising the hot rod building bar.  As if nearly sweeping the 2017 season with the “Mulholland Speedster” wasn’t enough, HHR had two outrageously incredible bare metal rides on display a …

Jim Lytle’s “Quad Al” Dragster

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Jim Lytle Quad Al Dragster

How about this for a quarter mile monster.  Dare I say it might just be the Mother of all Dragsters?  I saw this “Mother” at the Duck Tail Run in Gas City, Indiana.  And as I stood there gaping at …

Alan’s Auto Body Custom Ford COE

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COE Alan's Auto Body Ford COE SEMA COE 2017

Back by popular demand, one of the wildest Cab Over’s on the planet.  This super star wowed the hordes at SEMA last year.  This COE hitched a ride on a Pineapple Express and came all the way from Kaneohe, Hawaii to …

Goodguys 21st PPG Nationals

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UPLOADING 1 / 1 – GoodGuys 21st PPG Nationals (1).jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS GoodGuys 21st PPG Nationals

The creativity, ingenuity and passion of the North American hot rodder (Canada is always representin’) knows no bounds.  Nowhere are those traits more evident than at a Goodguys show.   And dare I say, the Goodguys show that brings the …