The Countess of Customs, Carl Casper’s Empress

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Carl Casper 1951 Chevy Custom The Empress

Add another award to “America’s All-Time Award Winning Historical Custom Car”.  The car is Carl Casper’s 1951 “Empress” and the award was the Detroit Autorama Preservation Award. The Crowned Head of Cool sat pretty at the 2019 Detroit Autorama looking …

Two Passions One Radical Tribute Rod

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Phil Erby 33 Ford Model-A Indian Motorcycle tribute car

It takes a true artist and craftsman to combine two passions seamlessly into one vision.   We saw this gem at the Grand Daddy Drive-In at the Grand National Roadster Show and in a show full of standouts, this ride stole …

This Emperor still reigns supreme

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Emperor 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

Who says the Emperor needs new clothes!  This Custom Cruiser is as relevant today as it was nearly 60 years ago. The genesis for the ’29 Ford Roadster dubbed the Emperor was quite simple. Chuck Krikorian was a gear head through …

The Supremely Cool Retro Metro “Snappy”

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Snap-on 1951 International Metro Snappy

We’re taking a break from the Great 8 to bring you a ride that’s just too cool for school.  This is a tribute truck like no other.  According to Domenic Valentino, the mastermind behind this build, he was “all Snap-on tools” …

Wild Willys Great 8 Finalist

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Great 8 Finalist Pro Street 41 Willys Quint Walberts

This wicked Pro Street pavement pounder sat pretty as a Great 8 Finalist at the Detroit Autorama. Quint Walberts is the owner and builder of the wild Pro Street ’41 Willys that earned the coveted spot on the list.  Walberts was …

Legacy ’32 Ford Great 8 Finalist

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Legacy 1932 Ford Victoria FastLane Rod Shop Great 8 Finalist

In a competition where custom is king, an all steel ’32 Ford Victoria really stood out.  Phil and Debbie Becker’s real deal Vicky “Legacy” has been in the family for the past 45 years.  After over four decades on the …

Great 8 Finalist “Anvil”

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Anvil Great 8 Finalist JF Kustoms

Think you’ve seen a ride like this before?  Think again.  Chevy II, nope.  Nova, nope.  This street beast is a Canadian built GM Pontiac Acadian and comes out of JF Launier’s shop JF Kustoms.  One look at this Radical Pro Street Custom …

2019 Ridler Winner “Cadmad”

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Cadmad 2019 Ridler Winner Detroit Autorama (2)

And the Ridler goes to ….. “Cadmad”, a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham/Nomad Custom. The degree of difficulty and fit and finish on this ride is beyond compare.  If the bigger the car, the bigger the challenge then Jordan Quintal, Sr, …

Rick Dore’s Latest, “Illusion”

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Illusion Rick Dore

An entirely hand fabricated car, a figment of your imagination, perhaps.  For most this next ride might fall into the world of fantasy or a conjuring of a gear heads imagination.  But, from the gifted hands and creative mind of …

The Exceptionally Glorious GNRS

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70th Annual Grand National Roadster Show GNRS

It’s the world’s longest running indoor car show, first-rate, five-star, greater and more grandiose that any show out there.  It’s the Grand National roadster Show and the great GNRS has been going strong for 7 decades!  The best builders, the …

2019 AMBR Winner “3 Penny Roadster”

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2019 AMBR Winner 3 Penny Roadster (56)

The 70th Grand National Roadster Show is in the books and we have a new America’s Most Beautiful Roadster.  The “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” award or AMBR is one of the oldest and most prestigious awards going.  This year the …

NickleBack Camaro is Out of this World

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NickleBack 1967 Camaro

If God’s In The Details, This NickleBack Camaro Is “Supernatural”.  A funny thing happens when you see this Ed Denkenberger built Camaro “NickleBack” for the first time.  From a distance it looks like a stunning ’67. But the closer you get …

Barry Weiss’ Cowboy Cadillac

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Barry Weiss Cowboy Caidllac 47 Custom Caddy

Here’s a little Custom Eye Candy for you straight from Santa’s sled.  Spotted at the SEMA show this year was the elusive, “most famous car in LA”.  Sitting pretty, front and center at the Dynamat booth was the mammothly menacing Custom …

It’s a Wrap for the SEMA 2018 Show

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SEMA Show 2018 Wrap Up

The week we spent at the SEMA Show went by faster than Tony Schumacher can get down the track.  It was a whirlwind of automotive awesomeness that left us overwhelmed, worn-out and wanting for more.  It goes without saying that …

TUX Wins Battle of the Builders

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2018 SEMA Battle of the Builders Winner DSE Tux

Red sky at night, SEMA Ignites, and Ignite it did.  The party after the party that is SEMA was off the hook.  Not only was it a feast for they eyes, it was bass thumping, tire burning, pro drifting, Nitro …