Custom “TikiBird” Thunderbird Reborn

This is a tale of coveting thy neighbors T-Bird. For years Eric Foster lusted after his neighbors ride, a stunner of a 1963 Thunderbird. As with most unrequited love the object of his fancy moved on but the passion remained. That is until an afternoon spent at a GoodGuys show. Said Thunderbird was there and it’s owner was eager to sell. Mr. Foster immediately became the new caretaker of the “TikiBird” Thunderbird. With a definite vision in mind for his new ride, Needfulthingz Hot Rod Shop was tagged with task of transforming this semi sedate 60’s cruiser into a Restomod/Pro Touring street beast. 

How do you transform a show car into a pavement pounding hellion. For starters, you drop a Ford Performance 5.0 Coyote “Aluminator” between the rails. Augmented with a FAST management system and ID injectors, they are looking at a 1000HP power plant. A 6R80 Performance Automatic by Circle D Transmissions gets all that power to the pavement. If the TikiBird does lay rubber it will be from the Mickey Thompson meats in the rear and Nitto extreme radials in the front. Wilwood Disc Brakes will will bring all those horses to a halt. Part of the high tech customizing Needfulthingz did on the TikiBird foundation included Pro-Touring front and rear suspensions. Each features an adjustable weight transfer cantilever system designed in house.

Thanks to the “work in progress state” of the TikiBird build we were abel to take in the very intricate Magnaflow exhaust system. Even the custom 3″ exhaust gives a nod to a swinging 60’s mod vibe, with the tailpipes sticking out of the frenched tail lights. This “Bird” ain’t gonna chirp, it’ll roar thanks to the long tube headers by SW headers.

Picture if you will, the finished “Tiki Bird” as a laid back beach cruiser with Pro-Touring performance and a subtle Restomod vibe. This classic will be rolling with a clean “new school/old school” feel.  The beach cruiser theme will carry through to the interior. It will sport 4 low back bucket seats, restored a/c for those hot summer cruises, Dakota Digital gauges, bead rolled sheet metal door panels and an accented custom designed dash and center console.

Needfulthingz did some major body mods including suicide doors while relocating and frenching the door handles. They redesigned the front and rear fenders along with frenched taillights. The trunk and door panels have been completely redesigned. If that monster between the front rails wasn’t indication enough of what the TikiBird is capable of, the 4 point roll cage is another gimme that this “Bird” is gonna fly! This is going to be one far out, super fly, choice chariot. Now let your peepers roam.

Head over to Needfulthingz’ Builders Showroom. Their lengthy history includes handcrafted custom suspensions, complete design and performance engine building, restored Pro Touring classics and so much more. One look a the TikiBird and you know these Kats have it going on!

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