Great memories of a Goodguys Show - GG Columbus


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Ah, you're showing some love to a good Canadian car there. 😊

Customs of a feather ....... - Custom Car Revival


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Es esa aaaaaa!

Hey there goof looking! Custom Car Revival
Cheers for chrome - Custom Car Revival
Ron Berry’s “Surf Seeker”, yes just yes! -SEMA Show throwback.
Can’t beat a classic. Hirohata Merc clone at the Grand National Roadster Show


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💯 nice

... Beautiful .... 👍

Mickey Brown’s (Mickey’s Kustom Upholstery) beautiful 1953 F100 at the 2017 SEMA Show
Mighty fine Merc - Custom Car Revival. Howdy Mr. A


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49 Merc ???

Smooth and sweet !!💯

Badazz merc

Old School Cool - Custom Car Revival


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Big back seat for drive-in snuggling

We called them lead sled

💯 sweet

Traditional Custom it’s finest - Custom Car Revival


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Robert Politz

Does it pack the same punch in b&w?


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I would have used a contrast filter red or yellow might help.

no it does not

Love it either way. 👍. ❤️

Kustom Kool at KKOA
Willys gonna take a bite - Goodguys AZ
A good sense of humor goes a long way - Back to the Fifties 2011


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They don’t know if they’re coming or going,,,,

Throwback to the days of the Hunnert Car Pile Up - miss that show!


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A purple bowling pin! Is this what you get when you use a cut rate dentist?

Love a Merc - GoodGuys Show a few years ago


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.......... ❤️. ......... 👍.

Another amazing Lead Sled.



Nice 51 had one same color

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Doug Weigels “ Polynesian Spectacle” - Goodguys AZ


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Wow !!! Beautiful !!!!

Very nice

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Thanks for sharing.


Happy Thanksgiving


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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, K. 😊

One hot hauler - Goodguys Arizona many moons ago.


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Maudet Guillaume montre à maman

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