Happy Fathers Day

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Lana Bruce Dawid Something for Andy!

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Love the dash board knobs.

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Pure history on wheels, beautiful.

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Wish I never sold mine

I just love the sleds and shoeboxs

Semblables à celui de Sylvester Stallone dans COBRA

Chris Conant

Kel Step

Nothing like s good looking Merc

No argument thats the most i have ever seen in one place. Notice the different and custom roof lines and rear window apertures. AND look at those grilles, everyone a work of art.

Enough is never enough!

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😁😁😁😁😁 That just puts a smile 😃 on your face, don't it, an even bigger smile 😃 if the owner would let you drive it! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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Shawn Gutshall

Laid low- GNRS
Slicks Bomb Shop - Grand National Roadster Show
Wide whites - GNRS

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That's Sweet as Cotton Candy.

The future -GNRS

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I fondly remember when my knees would allow me to do that too. 😋

California Cruiser - GNRS

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Terrific work and that color is perfect for it !


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Absolutely beautiful

Ein Traum von Wagen, die Farbe, die Felgen und und und 😍

Mohammad Asfour

So beautiful, who said understated elegance can't be Kool!

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Cristian Brito González

Green with envy -GNRS