Iron Invasion 2017

An invasion of iron can’t be anything but good.  Well it was not only good, it was it was magnificent. It was a full on assault of automotive awesomeness. Street Rods were storming, Customs were charging, Rat Rods were rushing and Bobbers were blitzing. All invaders of iron and all descended on the fair hamlet of Woodstock Illinois restyling the humble fairgrounds into Traditional Hot Rodding nirvana! 508 Traditional Hot Rods and Kustoms plus a couple hundred Cycles to be exact made for one heck of a show. What’s unique about this show is it honors those that the put the traditional wheel in motion while at the same time keeping it new and fresh. Iron Invasion is the perfect mix of rides and revelry. It was stellar. They’ve got it all: special indoor “invited” rides, pin up girls galore, a crazy swap meet organized by the Tin Butchers, vendors of all things Kool (picked myself up a Christmas gift or two thank you very much), the music is the tops and then there were the 508 aforementioned pre ’65 Traditional Rods and Kustoms that really made the show. To top it off this fab fest is a show that gives back. The gate proceeds go to the Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation, a non-profit foundation that helps families that are faced with the devastation of having a child born with a congenital heart defect. It’s never a problem to pay to enter a show, I know so much goes into putting a good event but when your money goes to such a worthy cause it makes you more than happy to pay.

Weather be damned, it was a day filled with crazy cats and kool kittens and the cherriest chariots out there. Traditional pre – 1965 hot rods and customs need I say more? Just cast an eyeball below and you’ll get the drift. Enjoy.

Check out the rest of this Invasion of Iron in the Most Recent Show Gallery, the quotient of Kool is through the roof!

It looks like it’s going to be a great weekend for GoodGuys! We are Bowling Green bound, stay tuned!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!