Kemps are Kool-KKOA Leadsled Spectacular

KKOA kept it Kool and the Kustoms kept it hot. The 39th annual KKOA Leadsled Spectacular brought out the best of the best. Established in 1980, Kustom Kemps Of America (KKOA) is the Nation’s oldest continually operating Kustom Car and Truck association. KKOA’s philosophy is:  if you are a connoisseur of automotive architecture or just a good ol’ boy that digs Leadsleds, the KKOA is the place for you. KKOA, really is the keeper of the Kustom flame.  They have kept the faith all these years and it shows with their incredibly loyal following.

These devoted KKOA’ers brought out their Kemps and turned Oakdale Park into the epicenter of Koolsville, reminding everyone there that no two Kemps are alike and that’s the precise beauty of it all. It was individuality and a unique point of view. To each his or her own and how Kool is that, that the KKOA respects it all. Somewhere north of two thousand Kustoms from coast to coast rolled into Salina, turning the quaint Kansas town into the heppest hot spot in the US of A. I trekked 1,572 miles round trip for this Kustom Karnival and it was worth every second in the seat.

This spectacular shindig has got legs and they be jumpin’, jivin’ and wailin’! Next year marks the 40th anniversary and you can’t argue with that. I wanna thank Mr. Titus and the gang at KKOA for keeping the faith and putting on an exceptional show.  And by the way they arranged for some incredible weather.  Nothing says superb summer than Kustom Kemps under the Salina sun!

The rides were flamed and frenched, chopped and channeled. All turned out to the nines and tripping my trigger every step of the way.

The front ends were fierce.

The trucks were trick.

The Kustoms were killer diller.

Now let your peepers roam and take in some of the Koolest Kustomers out there.

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Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!