LayNLow Radical Roadmaster

“LayNLow”, if this ’47 Buick isn’t a Show Stopper I don’t know what is. It’s not often that you see a Roadmaster turned out like this and about all we could say was WOW! Mega props go out to Chad Kolman, the creative genius behind this build. His vision and the over 3 years he spent building this beauty resulted in one killer Custom. The list of modifications done to this bad to the bone Buick is as long as Roadmaster itself.

For starters, it has a fantastic chop and there’s a nod to the Hirohota Merc with the window frames. The grill teeth once graced a DeSoto and the front bumper complete with killer dagmars came from a ’56 Cadillac. In back, the molded and narrowed bumper came from a ’57 Olds. The custom elements seem never ending on this ride. Chad even combined 3 different hubcaps to fabricated a single, one-off creation that will keep you guessing. Finally if you were wondering, there’s a 364 Nailhead power plant nestled beneath that expansive hood.

The quality of the interior is equal to the beauty of the exterior. 1963 Riviera buckets were used up front and a custom seat graces the rear. Chad built the custom console that houses the air ride controls.  The mostly stock dash houses the perfect combo of original and modern gauges. Finishing out the look is the ultra rare ’54 Skylark steering wheel.

I got up close and personal with Chad’s Roadmaster at the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular in Salina, Kansas. Now cast your own eyeballs at this beauty. This Cool Customer is one for the books and is one fine ride!

By the by, rumor has it that each one of those upholstered Impala door panel buttons cost nearly 2 bucks a piece and there are 2,684 give or take. You can do the math and that’s just for the buttons!

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