“Pick of the Week” DSE Pro Touring ’41 Willys

The unbelievably fertile Social Media pages of Detroit Speed are the source for this weeks “Pick of the Week”. Choosing their jaw dropping all steel ’41 Pro Touring Willys was a bit of a no brainer. Just check out the stance of this incredible ride and you know this ain’t your average Willys. Detroit Speed is one of the original innovators of the Pro Touring concept. They are experts at creating corner carving, ground hugging rides that accelerate about as fast as they can stop all the while incorporating uncompromising luxuries on the interior. With this build they crossed over from the Muscle Car platform that they perfected into the Hot Rodding world with this pinnacle Willys build. They made the bold and expert move to create a Pro Touring Willys and it is absolutely stunning. DSE has made a statement with this Willys and it’s “we are one of the best”!

Now, here is this beauty, straight from their FaceBook pages. Check it out here and be sure to peruse the pages before and after, lucky for us it’s featured heavily throughout their FaceBook posts.

Not sure if you are aware of this but Detroit Speed absolutely smashes it out of the park with their YouTube posts. In addition to the hundreds of new FaceBook and Instagram posts our prolific builders constantly add, they are updating their YouTube pages with amazing videos of their builds as well. Detroit Speed is one of the stand outs in the YouTube sphere. Their videos are as cherry as the rides they feature. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with DSE and their YouTube videos. They are outstanding! Here are a couple videos of their beautiful Willys.

Check out their Builders Showroom YouTube Gallery for more. You might have to look a bit but they’re there!