18th GoodGuys PPG Nationals

The GoodGuys PPG Nationals, what can I say about this show that hasn’t already been said. To put it plainly; there’s a reason why they call it “The Big One” . It’s meca for gear heads of all stripes, it’s balm for the hot rodders soul, it’s beyond compare. Yeah, it really is that great. This show is proof positive why GoodGuys is the largest and oldest Rod and Custom organization in the world. They have the right equation; they know how to bring out the best , they take care of their members and they sure know how to put on a great show. All of that makes for a huge fan base and it seemed like each and everyone of them converged on Columbus for the Nats. Devotees in droves. All that makes for a fantastic weekend.

Enough of me going on, let the rides do the rest of the talking.

In addition to nearly 6,000 of the Nations best Rods. Classics and Customs at the PPG Nats, this is also the weekend that GoodGuys names the Street Machine and Street Rod of the year. GoodGuys decided to mix things up this year and had the full field assembled until the Saturday evening ceremony. That means there were 23 Street Machines and 33 Hot Rods lined up in the Celeste Center all day Saturday. Let me tell you it was a sight to behold. That brings us to the drum roll please: the winner for the 2015 Street Machine of the Year is the 1967 Corvette out of the 3 man Goldman Customs shop proudy owned by Sonny and Debbie Freeman. The vision for this year’s Street Machine came when Sonny, who has always been a Vet guy wanted to take a C2 into the 21st Century. Well, mission accomplished. This C2 was drifting sideways through the AutoCross whlie looking beyond stunning doing so. This Vet is and I quote “gapped to the nth degree”. It’s a stunner and well worthy of the top prize. The Street Rod honors went to the Bobby Alloway built ’37 Chevy. Again I quote “Bobby Alloway always gets it right” Well friends he sure did with this Chevy. The owner, Chuck Rowe had an original McLaren race engine and wanted to put it in something “special”, well this ’37 sure fits that something special bill. Mr. Alloway himself said he tried to paint the ’37 something other than black but “it just didn’t work out.” Well Mr. A. the black is beautiful and the red interior out of sight.

Be sure and have a look at The Most Recent Show Gallery, trust me for this show it’s a big one!

Do yourself a favor and get to a GoodGuys show. Check out their site and I know you’ll find one near you.

Up next – the Car Craft Summer Nationals and their Builders Shootout up Milwaukee way.