KruzinUSA has created a whole new concept for marketing on the internet that we believe enables advertisers to simultaneously reach 3 critical audiences – grass roots hot rodders, hot rod Car Clubs and the top Professional Hot Rod Builders – in a way that’s certainly different and we believe better than any other hot rod site. First we’ll briefly describe the concept; then show you how easy it is to get a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL so you can see for yourself how it works.


The concept is called a VENDORS SHOWROOM and consists of 3 things:

1. A PRODUCT SHOWCASE that every month continually features 3 separate ads for up to 3 different products. The same ads can be repeated month to month or changed monthly as the Vendor so desires. (That’s up to 36 different monthly ads per year!)

2. A revolutionary all-in-one SOCIAL MEDIA GALLERY that uses proprietary technology to automatically capture all the Vendors posts on FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube, replicate and then consolidate them verbatim in their own all-in-one KruzinUSA Social Media Gallery. Think of it as a way to boost the reach of every one of your initial posts by exposing them to the KruzinUSA Nation of not only 50 thousand grass roots hot rodders, over 340 hot rod Car Clubs but also its rapidly growing network of over 200+ of some of the country’s top Professional Hot Rod Builders in the industry that have discovered and are now regularly posting their new builds on our site. And the beauty of this proprietary technology is that your all-in-one KruzinUSA Social Media Gallery is initially populated and automatically updated every day without you ever having to lift a finger!

3. A CONTACT MODULE that features your Vendor’s Logo, complete Contact Information and a Link to your website.


We’re so confident that this will improve the reach and impact of your company and its products among these three important KruzinUSA groups that we’ll give you a FREE 30 DAY NO STRINGS ATTACHED TRIAL of your own KruzinUSA Vendors Showroom. All you have to do is fill in the name of your company and an email address on the form below and we’ll take it from there. We’ll set up your FREE Vendors Showroom, create an example of 3 Product Showcase ads featuring 3 of your products, populate your Social Media Gallery with all your daily posts on FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube, and then you can see real time over the next 30 days whether or not it works for you.

If at the end of 30 days you like what you see and want to continue, you can sign up as a Registered Vendor and then (and only then) will we begin to charge a monthly rental fee of $390 for your KruzinUSA Vendors Showroom. The $390 monthly rental fee covers everything: 3 monthly Product Showcase ads, boosting all your social media posts by capturing and reposting them to your all-in-one Social Media Gallery, as well as the Contact Module that contains your Logo, Contact information and a Link to your website.

If at the end of 30 days you decide not to continue with us, your Vendors Showroom will be removed from our site with no questions asked. no billing whatsoever (it really Is Free), no hard feelings. Only the disappointment that we were unable to convince you of what a powerful new internet marketing tool this is.

Want a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL? Just fill in the 2 blocks below and you’re on your way. It will take approximately a week and a half to create your Vendors Showroom and populate it with content. We’ll send you a follow-up email letting you know when it’s all set up. It’s just that simple. What do you have to lose by giving it a try?

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