1940 Autocar – Just ’cause it’s cool!

We saw this one of a kind ride at the Grand National Roadster Show and we’re bringing it to you because it’s just so dang cool.  It’s an 1940 Autocar model U and its about as rare as they come.  Call it “modus obscurum” or call it cool beans, it grabs your attention from the get go.  We didn’t find much out there on this specific ride, but found some info on the creator go this cabover.

Autocar is one of the oldest vehicle manufacturers in the US.  Founded in Pittsburg in 1879, Autocar was at the heart of the industrial revolution.  It built the first “motor truck” commercially available in the United States in 1899.  The “engine-under-the-seat” design maximized area for freight and was the precursor of Autocar’s Cab-Over-Engine design used on every Autocar today.  An industry leader with firsts, they produced the first left-side drive vehicle, the first shaft driven vehicle replacing chain drive, as well as the first oil circulating system. And here’s a fun trivia fact, they pioneered the first porcelain insulated spark plug which provided the foundation for both AC Deco and Champion spark plugs.

Throughout the decades, Autocar never ceased making industry leading innovations.  A mass contributor to the WWII effort, Autocars from that era are exceedingly scarce.  This dandy below is one rare bird!  Endless hours of blood sweat and tears went into this beauty and I will be forever grateful for this chap for bringing her out.  You haven’t seen the likes of this before, I promise!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!