1958 Oldsmobile Fiesta Station

You know this girl digs the unique, the unusual and yes even the unheard of. Well, I think this next ride fills that bill. Yep, to me it’s the automotive equivalent of the Yetti, Big Foot or Old Nessie. Now the 1958 Oldsmobile Fiesta Station Wagon might not be every Gear Head’s “Eleanor” but one look at this space age spectacular and you’ve got to admit it’s singular style makes this one bitchin’ buggy! Now I know rare is thrown around a bit in the hot rod nation but when there are only 30 or so of these feisty Fiestas roaming the streets you really are witnessing a rare bird. How lucky was I when walking the rows at the Morris Fall Classic to come across this baby. As a general rule Station Wagons make a statement all their own but when it’s bumper to bumper chrome, styled at the height of the fifties fabulousness, with tailfins to put you into a tailspin, room for the whole gang and add in a host of super sweet upgrades that have to be seen to be believed, this is one wagon that’s got it going on. The cherry on top of this 2 ton sundae, memories of the days when you would put
the kids up front and center, smack in between Mom and Dad. Seat belts, we don’t need no stinking seat belts.

As I was looking for dets on this wicked wagon, i was super lucky to come across this video from Rides with Chuck.

As I type this I’m experiencing a bit of a pang since I recently experienced the loss of my own Oldsmobile, now It was no Fiesta Wagon but it was my “orphan” none the less she will be missed.

A big high five to Bill Guinta for keeping this baby alive and on the road, long may this worthy wagon roll!