2014 Rewind

From wheel stands to van-ins, big rigs to custom car revivals; 2014 was a spectacular year for us. More shows, more miles and most importantly more of us like minded folks gathering at the not so hidden gem that is KruzinUSA.com. And now I’m gonna bring you our biggest year yet, 2014 by the numbers. Our biggest number for 2014, drum roll please – 10,920. Yes that would be nearly 11 thousand pictures that I took. Yep me and my Canon thank you very much. Coming in at no.2 a whopping 8,152. Miles traveled that is. 6,394 on the wide open road and 1,758 in a big old jet airliner. Give me the open road and a good book on tape any day. I lost count at over 37 hours of video footage. How about a quater mile wheelie. 22 rental cars and my first time driving a van! Add in countless new friends and new members; 8 sky coaster rides. 2 cases of 5 hour energy drinks. Ulysses S. Grant’s Home, a town made of prairie stone, 1 vegan restaurant, happily 0 flat tires. and 2014 adds up to one huge, bang up year! We’ll be bringing more and more from the past year but for now take a look at 2014 in pictures.

I think the hardest part of all of this was trying to pick just one shot from each show, more like impossible actually. Here goes it. Enjoy.

10,920 pictures but whose counting – right. There was no way, no how I could put each and every sweet ride and experience into this blog but for some more highlights check out the 2014 Rewind Gallery.

2015 is only going to be bigger and better! My calendar is already filling up . Let’s see if I can top 15,000 miles and pictures. How about a picture for every mile. Onward and upward friends.