2017 World Power Wheel Stand Champ – Brian Ambrosini

Eight hundred and eighty five feet. That was the magic number at Byron Dragway and the World Power Wheel Stand Championship. One Mr. Brian Ambrosini was the pilot in his blaze orange Gremlin, he shot for the stratosphere and nearly made it! Ambrosini lit up the Playground of Power with his final pass of the day and his searing 885 footer! About all I can say after witnessing that was DANG! It was a sight to behold and that man knows his stuff!

Less is more when you are writing about wheelies so… take a gander at what could quite possibly be one of AMC’s finest moments. I mean 885 feet – come on!

Pictures are great, however 885′ needs to be seen in real time!

Do not fret, coverage from the Iron Invasion in all of it’s greased glory will be coming up soon, very soon!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!