2019 AMBR Winner “3 Penny Roadster”

The 70th Grand National Roadster Show is in the books and we have a new America’s Most Beautiful Roadster.  The “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” award or AMBR is one of the oldest and most prestigious awards going.  This year the AMBR award went to the 1936 Ford the “3 Penny Roadster” owned by George Poteet and artfully brought to life by Pinkee’s Rod Shop.

It doesn’t get much better than this build, perfectly proportioned and divinely detailed.  Everywhere you look there’s a surprise.  Look closely at that license plate.  Three pennies, minted in 1936.  Details, details, details.

As described in the build book, George Poteet’s 1936 Ford Roadster is part Hot Rod, part Concourse D’Elegance with a modern twist.  Countless hours of meticulous metal crafting went into this build. Over 500 machined parts are in the car.  The 2019 AMBR winner has been “intentionally stretched and recontoured to create a visual and period respectful masterpiece.”  How about that color.  It is fondly referred to as “chocolate milk”.  Mr. Poteet nostalgically remarked that the color reminded him of the chocolate milk he drank as a child, and that that childhood beverage cost only 3 cents.  Now a quick wit at Pinkee’s contrasted those 3 cents with the cost of the Roadster and you can see that Pinkee’s had some fun with the name. 

It’s an astonishing build with over the top details.  And well deserving of the prestigious title of America’s Most Beautiful Roadster.

Believe it or not there were 14 outstanding rides in total vying for the AMBR award.  Have a look-see at the 13 other, very worthy contenders.

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