25th and Final Orphan Auto Picnic 2015

Just because “they” say all good things must come to an end doesn’t mean you have to like it! So, it is with heavy and sad fingers that I type this blog from the 25th and ugh final Orphan Auto Picnic. Rats you say, tell me about it. This was one of those great outside the box shows that makes my job super fun and interesting, I just hate to see it go. The Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts have really kept the faith and through their tireless efforts they have had a fantastic 25 year run gathering the faithful to celebrate those Orphaned Autos we all love so much. You all know how I feel about my Metropolitans and heaven love those folks for coming out en mass but the OAP goes way beyond that, each year showcasing some of the most uncommon rides on 3 and 4 wheels. Rare Saabs, Subarus and Checkers were just a few of the standouts this year. It was great to back in Yorkville, I just hope with the fantastic turnout they had this year there might be room for some reconsideration. I will always have a soft spot for those rides that went against the mainstream grain and I just dig the folks that are devoted to keeping them rolling. I mean really who can deny the outrageous styling that may have turned up noses back in the day but now is, to me perfection.

I can’t say enough about the CCE, the Orphan Auto Picnic they so devotedly brought to us for 25 years and the passion that all the folks out this year and years past have for keeping their Orphans front and center. Keep it up! Despite the fact that the picnic will be no longer, it does a body good knowing there are Hud Lovers, DeSoto Devotees and Met Minders out there stoking the flames so those fantastic marquees will never be forgotten.

There is much more in the Recent Show Gallery, it’s just so bittersweet. Ok, here’s an idea. I know the annual picnic might be off so, how does an Orphan Auto Reunion sound. Pretty good if you ask me. Give it a couple of years. Everybody is going to realize just how much they miss this event and I say long around 2017 or so I best be getting an Orphan Auto Reunion invite! I can already feel the Metropolitan withdrawal setting in! Before I close I just want to give a huge thank you to the CCE, and to Larry C. and Frank R. in particular. You were so generous with your time, attention and picnic fare. It was all very much appreciated. I know our paths will cross again. And Larry if I every get my Met you most definitely will be hearing from me!

Amboy Depot Days with their incredible show and 50/50 is on the way, fingers crossed that this is going to be my the year. Don”t worry I ‘ll still bring you the goods when I’m 60 grand richer. I’ll just be doing it from a nicer desk chair.