Free 30 Day Trial of your own Vendors Showroom


Three reasons why you should consider adding to your internet marketing mix:

  1. A ground breaking Vendors Showroom for each individual Vendor that includes:

– a Product Showcase that each month features 3 different product ads (that’s up to 36 different ads/year)

– a trail-blazing all-in-one Social Media Gallery that uses proprietary technology to ”boost” ALL your posts on

            Facebook, Instagram and YouTube by aggregating them 24/7 in a single, all inclusive social media gallery on

            KruzinUSA, all without you ever having to lift a finger.

– a Contact Module with your contact info plus a direct link to your site

  1. Best Reach of the entire Hot Rod community :

– 200K+  grass roots hot rodders yearly and growing (over 22K monthly Unique Visitors just this past July)

– 200+    TOP hot rod builders posting their latest builds

– 300+     hot rod car clubs, many using us to promote their local shows

– 45K+     FaceBook followers with several video posts surpassing the million viewer mark


We realize you’re inundated with proposals from all sorts of internet media that often overpromise and under-deliver, so a little “seeing is believing” scepticism on your part is certainly warranted. With that challenge in mind we tried to come up with a way you could  “see” your  KruzinUSA  Vendors Showroom first and only after 30 days of FREE, NO STRINGS ATTACHED experience with it decide whether or not you “believe” in it. 

If you “believe” in it, then and only then would we ask you if you want to join the roster of our registered KruzinUSA vendors with a monthly charge of $425/month. If after 30 days you decide you don’t “believe” in it, your Vendors Showroom will be removed with NO questions asked, NO billing (it really is free), NO hard feelings. Just our disappointment that we were unable to convince you of what a powerful new on-line marketing “GAME CHANGER” this is,

If you’re interested in a FREE 30 DAY, NO STRINGS ATTACHED TRIAL of your own Vendors Showroom, just fill in the name of your business and your email address below and we’ll take it form there. We’ll create your own Contact Module and your all-in-one Social Media Gallery, populate it with your latest posts on FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube and then send you an email letting you know it’s up and running. It’s just that easy. What have you got to lose!