51 Karat Gold Mercury

We have another killer Custom up for a closer look. With the name “51 Karat Gold”, you know the ride might very well steal the show.  We came across this aurulent knockout at the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular in Salina, KS. The Leadsled Spectacular is a show chock full of standouts. To rise to the top of that crowd is a pretty steep proposition, but this radiant ride did just that.

The ’51 Karat Gold Mercury came to Salina from Bob Fryz Kustoms, not the name of a shop rather the name of a collection.  And a mighty fine collection a that.  Those in the know are very familiar with Fryz Sh’ Boom twins as well as many other notable rides in his collection.  Lucky for us at the Leadsled Spectacular, Fryz thought it was time to bring this mighty Mercury out for some show and shine. Over 200 modifications were done to this mid century maverick.  Canted headlights, custom grille, lake pipes, and gull wing doors are just scratching the surface. Can you say custom?

This ride exudes attitude and that bearing of badassery continues into the interior. The custom tuck and roll in the ’51 Karat Gold Mercury is one of a kind and then some. The steering wheel is hard to miss, as is the custom dash and console. To cap off the interior are the swivel front seats.

The mill tucked inside this golden gem is a 350 small block with a B&M mini blower and a polished Mikuni side draft carburetor.

Cast an eye at this golden oldie.

Want to see what over 200 modifications look like in real time? Cast your peepers at this one of a kind, solid gold stunner.

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