A ’66 Mustang Morphed Into A Menacing Street Marauder

Leave it to those mad-dog motorhead magicians in the Edelbrock Engineering Department to yet again show their mighty dyno prowess by finding a way to squeeze more horsepower per cubic inch out of an engine than anyone else.  That’s exactly what they’ve done with their new supercharged Ford Coyote 5.0 crate engine that pumps out a mere 785HP, on pump gas no less, and it’s fully warranteed to boot.  Appropriately, it’s called the “Victor Jr.” Coyote in honor of the late Vic Edelbrock Jr.  Who says his spirit doesn’t live on!

The question was “What’s the best way for Edelbrock to showcase this new bad boy?”  Why with a SEMA build of course!  The challenge was to start with this engine and locate a builder capable of creating a world class ride around it.

That’s what led the Edelbrock posse to connecting with J.H. Restorations of Windsor, Ontario Canada and working with them on a plan to shoe horn this 785HP beast into a customers vintage “one owner” ’66 Mustang that had been lurking in storage obscurity for the last 16 years.

With Jesse Henke at the helm, the J.H. Restorations crew set out to turn this well worn 52 year old daily driver into a modern day pro-street marauder named ShockR. Take a gander at the end result.

This wide-body screamer sports front and rear suspensions from Detroit Speed including the Aluma-Frame and Quadra Link set ups.

It rolls on Forgeline Grudge wheels that have a GT 40 look with just the right amount of modern meets retro feel.

Wanting to keep the engine bay as ’66 as possible they painted the Edelbrock Coyote engine Ford Oval blue with an orange and checkerboard Factory Sticker on the supercharger.  A throwback to the factory sticker that donned the original’s carburetor’s air filter. And oh by the way that hot Coyote is going to rev into the stratosphere without you having to worry about it grenading it because it’s held together with ARP’s best.

Who wouldn’t want to do some “Kruzin” in this luxo interior knowing that deftly hidden underneath is a full roll cage, with Vintage Air setting the temperature right where you want it.  Lokar making it easy to do some of the quickest bang shifts you can imagine.  And Ididit letting you keep this puppy going straight while you’re madly sashaying through the gears.

A tip of the hat and a low bow to Jesse and his J.H. Restorations crew for hittin’ it out of the park. Now let your peeps roam all over their ShockR in all its glory.

Jesse was kind enough to share pics of the metamorphosis of mild Mustang to Street Machine. Check out the build pics here.

If you want to see more of the builds from Jesse and his rad crew, check out their Builders Showroom by clicking here!

Here’s the straight skinny on the Vendors products J. H. Restorations used in this monster Mustang:  Cutting edge is the name of the game at SEMA and these Vendors are certainly Trail Blazers in that regard. Each Vendor listed below is part of the KruzinUSA Nation and has their own Showroom on the site where you can check out their latest products and promotions. Let’s get into the weeds on this build:   

Edelbrock – Supercharged Coyote Engine, Intercooler, engine tune. The heart of this pony is bigger and badder with Edelbrock turning the crank.

Head over to Edelbrock and get all the details on this hulking bad boy.

Forgeline – 18×10/19×12 Grudge wheels.  With flush loc center lock conversion kit.  Finished with satin graphite centers and brushed outers shoe this pony to perfection.

Roll in style with these rims.

Vintage Air – generously provided the HVAC and Vent, keeping ShockR rolling at the just right temp at all times!

Check out the Vintage Air ’64 – ’66 SureFit Kits

Ididit – Steering Column – ShockR is “Driven by quality and steered by you!”

“Driven by quality and steered by you!”, head over to Ididit and check out their retrofit columns for the ’66 Mustang!

ARP – ShockR is rock solid with the ARP bolts/fasteners that were used throughout.

ARP has bolts for every engine component, take your pick.

Lokar Performance – Accelerator, Clutch and Brake Pedals, E-Brake Cable, JH decided to put their foot down and demand “Quality… Plain and Simple”

When you want to put the pedal to the metal Lokar has everything you need.  Check out their Throttle Assemblies and Pedal pads. Just scroll down until you find your ride. 

Lokar has all your E-Brake Cable needs covered.

Interested in seeing the latest products and promotions from these Vendors? Click here.

Til the next time. Keep on Kruzin!