A Demon Is On The Loose!

Is it the most revolutionary car ever delivered? Decide for yourself. Now you know I don’t like to stray from my own original content, no pride just keeping it real but sometimes something is just so spectacular I’ve gotta deviate. What was unveiled yesterday at the New York Auto Show is just one of those spectacular happenings. It’s the latest offering from Dodge SRT. The baddest and I mean BADDEST car that has ever rolled off the showroom floor. About all I can say is fricken’ UNBELIEVABLE!!! The most powerful, most sophisticated muscle car ever produced. Not only did that SRT crew knock it out of the park, they launched it into a whole otherworld zip code!!!

Too much to list but here are a few of the highlights:

– 840 HP/ 770 ft. lbs. of torque

– 1/4 mile in 9.65 seconds at 140+ MPH

– computerized burnouts

– computerized launch control that releases in milliseconds

– computerized traction and wheel hop control that works so quickly that you never have to lift

– computerized down track stability control that keeps the Demon going straight without ever having to pedal

– a “chiller” system that not only keeps intake air cool but can also cool down the engine in between runs

– a computer programmed to run both pump and 110 race gas

– a state-of-the-arts data logger that would make a hacker drool

If that’s not enough, this monster can stop and corner carve with the best of them, so if you want to take it to a road course once in a while, you better start getting used to driving right up around the 200 mph mark!

Take a gander at this bad boy; with its massive fender flares accommodating its mega size custom Nitto Drag Radials along with its gigantic ram air hood, you don’t want to mess with this Demon! As they say at Dodge this beast is “Domestic. Not Domesticated”

Put the pedal to the metal and let her bellow!

Words, all me. Photos and Video thank you very much Dodge (Fiat/Chrysler)

Best order yours now, this baby is gonna be one hot commodity.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!