“Adonis” 1960 Ford Starliner Custom

More magnificence from the Motor City.  We’re bringing you this one cause it’s one crackers Custom and we’re all crazy ’bout a Custom.  A Custom dubbed “Adonis” to be exact.  Now every ride has a story and the story of “Adonis” is a goodie.  You see this beauty is a clone.  But the owner of the original “Adonis” is now the owner of the clone, let me explain.

Bill Whetstone purchased the original brand spanking new in 1960 and when he did, he had a plan.  The plan, to use a 1960 Starliner as blank canvas for the Alexander Brothers Custom Shop to work their magic on.  Wise move on Mr. Whetstone’s part.  By 1960 the Alexander Brothers Custom Shop was carving a very impressive place for themselves in the Custom world.  The brothers were earning the reputation for their “marriage of elegant design and practicality” which set them apart from their peers.  Although their shop was only around for a little over a decade the Alexander Brothers made a huge impact on the Custom world.  Their immaculate design and craftsmanship has inspired enthusiasts worldwide and continues to influence the custom car industry today.

Back to the creation of “Adonis”.  What began as modest modifications soon turned into a complete custom renovation.  The front end was completely reworked.  The Plexiglas grille was added.  The Brothers then reworked the fenders.  Pushing them in 12 inches and tucking in the wheels. They added a matching rear grille, reshaped the rear fenders with a six-inch curve, hand-formed plastic taillights, removed the rear bumper and replaced it with a rolled pan.  A cherry red coat finished the build.  “Adonis” then debuted as part of the 1961 Detroit Autorama where it won Best Custom.  Hot Diggity Dog, mission accomplished.   You gotta love it when a plan comes together.

But the story does’t end there. Mr. Whestsone spent the next few years traveling the circuit and cleaning house along the way.  We aren’t sure exactly why but Mr. Whetstone sold “Adonis” in the mid 60’s.  Thereafter it’s rumored that poor “Adonis” was neglected and ultimately met it’s fate in the jaws of the crusher.  But wait, it’s not over yet.

Fast forward to the 90’s, a swap meet and a magazine cover.  An old mag with “Adonis” as centerfold found it’s way into the hands of a gear head who was immediately smitten.  Once Mr. John Schleicher laid eyes on that Starliner of old, he was bound and determined to recreate it bolt for bolt.  Once he found a complete ’60 Starliner he was off.  To get it right Schleicher got in touch with the Alexander Brothers and ultimately Mr. Whetstone.  Through an exhaustive collaboration and countless hours of blood, sweat and tears “Adonis” 2.0 was ready.  In the early 2000’s the “Adonis” clone hit the show circuit and all that time and hard work paid off.  The “Adonis” build was a complete success, winning countless awards but perhaps most importantly, it received the seal of approval from the Alexander Brothers and Mr. Whetstone.

Fast Forward again to 2017.  That’ s when  “Adonis” 2.0 found it’s way back home and is currently in Mr. Whetstones stable.  Full circle.  Now, have a look-see at one charmer of a custom clone.

There are some terrific articles out there on the Alexander Brothers, their shop and creations.  Check them out for a piece for Custom History.  Head over to Kustomrama and Hot Rod.com. for more info in these legends.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!