An Impressive Invasion of Iron

It ain’t over till the Iron Lady sings. Well, she belted it out to beat the band earlier this month. It was Iron Invasion and it was a hot rodding homer. Traditional Hot Rods, Kustoms and Cycles inundated the sleepy hamlet of Woodstock, IL. Live music all day, some of the hottest contemporary lowbrow & automotive artists. The Tin Butchers Swap Meet – a curated meet of vintage parts and automobilia only and vendors from all across the U.S of A. All of that was just part of what made the Iron Invasion a stand out show of the year.

No charge to show your ride, try that on for size. And how about that this show is a non profit and all gate proceeds help kids with heart defects. So far, Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation has helped raise over 60,000 dollars. The Iron Invasion is a great show with a laid back vibe, a sure bet year after year.

The Rods were traditional but not tame.

Heavy lead invaded in force.

The people were out by the thousands. Some dressed to the nines, most sporting club jackets and all having a free and easy time hanging loose at the Iron Invasion.

They invite all to join them “in a celebration of good people, good music and maybe a little gear grinding” it was all of the above and then some.

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