Atomitron One Cosmically Cool Custom ’49 Studebaker Pickup

John Saltsman’s Custom ’49 Studebaker “Atomitron” was out in all it’s technicolor glory at this year’s Custom Car Revival.  This far out four wheeler has a very interesting past.  Beauty takes time and customs this cool just don’t happen overnight!  In fact, it took about 25 years for Atomitron to be realized.  Back in the 80’s when Saltsman bought the truck, “Merc John” had already given the ‘Stude a 6′ chop.  Eventually, that lead to a 15 1/2’ channel and Saltsman’s vision of a “mild yet wild” custom started taking shape.

This carryall is Custom from nose to tail, with several Customizing legends taking part in the build.  The headlights are none other than Barris built custom lamps.  Talk about a lucky strike extra.  Upon completion of the build “The Modern Grecian”, Mr. Barris had an extra set of headlights.  Fortunately for Saltsman, something that cool belongs on a radical ride rather than on a shelf, so on to Atomitron they went.  Now you can’t check out those Barris built peepers without that grille getting all up in your face.  That chrome countenance was artfully constructed with Caddy dagmars and Chevy chompers.  A glinting grin giving Atomitron serious Custom attitude.  The tail end of this trick truck received the same custom treatment as the front .  The one and only Gene Winfield, created the lengthy lights in the rear.  The ruby lenses accentuating the fins that seem to go on for miles.

The lime gold with a cranberry scallop paint scheme is courtesy of  Larry Watson and Keith Dean.  Unfortunately Larry passed away before the paint scheme was laid down, so Keith stepped in and executed Watson’s plan.  A ’59 Chevy truck lid was the base for the flowing V shaped bed cover.  More chrome and then just a little more chrome add to Atomitron’s custom metamorphosis.

Now let’s take a gander at the inside of this cosmic cruiser.  Two toned quilted leather with nail head accents wraps the bench seat as well as the door panels.  A modified Olds Steering wheel, an Edsel dash with a mini TV, complete with rabbit ears and a bit of chrome finishes off the custom interior.

Take a load off Moondoggie and let your peepers roam over one far out Traditional Custom.

If you missed it, you can check out Atomitron and a couple hundred equally as cool customs in the Custom Car Revival Gallery.  Or you can just check it out again cause it was just that great!

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Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!