Blown Mafia “Trifecta”, ’65 Mustang Detroit Autorama

We came across a trio of excessively blown American muscle at this year’s Autorama that ahem, BLEW our minds!  The triad that left us drooling was collectively displayed as “The Blown Mafia”.  The muscular mob of blown beautification is the brainchild of Bradley Gray.  If you have been online in the past decade or so and have any interest in things overpowered, than you have undoubtedly seen one of his creations.  Mr. Gray is a custom car connoisseur that has a collection of prodigiously powered rides in his stable which he brilliantly dubbed “The Blown Mafia”.

Moderation, mild nor measure are in Gray’s vocabulary.  Extreme, excess and extravagance are words Gray clearly seems to lives by.  Mr. Blown Mafia enjoys the challenge of fusing insane horsepower with mad scientist’esque engineering and then chrome plating everything above and below the coolant line!  Gray’s Blown Mafia is made up of the most unapologetically in your face show/street cars and trucks that you will find anywhere.

The Detroit AutoRama is the epicenter for hulking high octane pavement eaters,  but this year the Blown Mafia bunch blew it out of the park and dominated with their trio of mammoth muscle .  Front and center of the  spectacular spectacle was the latest in Gray’s stable “Trifecta”, a triple blown ’65 Mustang.  Overflowing from the front end is a LSX 427 monster.  In the center of this profusely powered pony is a 871 Weiand Supercharger which is then flanked by two Weiand 174’s .  To guard against being under powered, Gray added a 250hp NOS System just in case.  That multitude of horses is tamed by a Powerglide tranny with a 4500 converter.   This is an engineering marvel worth spending some screen time on.

To keep “Trifecta” light and lively, Gray installed a tube chassis with a 10 point Funny Car roll cage.  The full custom fawn colored leather interior is award worthy.  Dakota Digital gauges and Ididit steering components round out the dash.  Twin 10LB Nitrous bottles fill the rear window.  Lastly, one of coolest elements in the interior by far are the cut outs sections that give a view into the inner workings of this mega Mustang .  There is cut out in the center console, one in-between the wheel tubs and one in the trunk.  You want to be able to check out what took so long to make pretty.  Genius Mr. Gray.

This engine wrapped with a ’65 Mustang body rolls on Weld Racing wheels with Micky Thompson rubber.  And if this beast were ever to hit the track it would undoubtedly need the custom wheelie bars to keep it grounded on planet Earth. Lastly, Outlaw Headers made the Zoomies that gives this monster it’s growl.

Hold on to your hot sauce and cast your eyes at the thrilling triple threat “Trifecta”

If you are going to say it, say it loud and proud.  Well done, Mr. Gray. Gee, it makes my little old mustang look puny!

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I didn’t forget I mentioned earlier that there was a trio of excessively blown rides that rocked our world.  However, “Trifecta was way too much car to share the page with anyone.  Not to worry, there are two more overpowered muscle machines on deck.  They will be all up in your face very soon.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!