“Bootlegger” Camaro – Hauk Designs SEMA 2017

This next ride falls into that “Only at SEMA” category.  Talk about one of a kind and you ain’t seen nothin’ like this.  Feast your eyes on “Bootlegger”, the wildest whisky runner you’ll ever see..  Kenny Hauk of Hauk Designs was approached by a local distillery to create a contemporary rum runner.  Hauks’s plan for this hooch hauler was a hybrid of a “beat-up” 2010 Camaro and a copper still.  The goal for this illicit coupling was to make “the fastest ‘shine runner in history.”  Well, for starters this All Wheel Drive Camaro (yes you read correctly, an All Wheel Drive Camaro) with a LS3 for a power plant goes a long way to accomplishing that goal.  Add in a custom off road suspension, Turbonetics turbo, 4:10 gears,  Flowmaster exhaust, with a TR6060 manual tranny and this conveyance of contraband is bound to leave Johnny Law eatin’ dust.  To complete the package, “Bootlegger” rolls on 17″ Raceline wheels wrapped in 35″ Pitbull Rocker tires.  The undercarriage is protected by skid plates from front to back and the bandits are extra safe with the RPM roll cage.    Hauk Designs prides themselves on building rides that “look awesome and can go anywhere”.  Well fellas, with the likes of “Bootlegger” in your stable, mission accomplished!  Now your go stoke inner hoodlum inner fire and populate your daydreams with visions of out running the law with a trunk full of hooch.

By the by, Prohibition was repealed December 5th 1933, a mere 84 years ago.  Dang good thing the likes of Kenny Hauk and company are around just in case!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!