1970 Monte Carlo SS – What Was Old is New Again

Those of us that live in the classic car world are no strangers to passion. Make, model or year we are all fiercely devoted to our rides of choice, if we weren’t this world would not exist. This next build is an example of pure passion.  Paging through Hemmings online and spying a one owner 1970 Monte Carlos SS, ignited that passion for one Delaware couple. Their particular fever was to make an old car new once more.  Why? Because “she is beautiful and she is different”. With the project set said couple needed the perfect builder to execute their vision.

Enter the one man shop of Superior Auto Works with Ed Denkenberger at the helm. Now Mr. Denkenberger is no stranger to the pages of KruzinUSA.  He is the mind and the hands behind the 2018 Mothers Shine Award winning NickleBack ’67 Camaro. Which by the way is going to be front and center at this year’s SEMA Show. Commitment to perfection is “Denk’s” trademark. He builds exquisite hot rods while taking painstaking efforts to fulfill all of his customers vehicular visions. The builder of choice for this resurrection was spot on. This build highlights that “Denk’s” talents are great and many. The lengths he went to replicate the exact GM specs on the “Sweet Pea” Monte Carlo would bogle the mind and its no surprise the build turned out perfectly.

What you are looking at is a new 1970 Monte Carlo SS.  Original exact detail was the basis for this build. Completed by extensive research and gathering every bit information available.  All numbers and date codes are matching and are correct.  New old stock parts were used as the market would permit.  Each mechanical and electric component was rebuilt to General Motors specifications. Cleaned and replaced to their original finish every bolt, nut, clip, clamp and piece of hardware is where and how it was on January 12, 1970, the date of production.  Even down the the accurate placement of factory chalk and assembly line paint codes. The only concession to modernity, was the paint, it was upgraded to modern(environmentally friendly) two-stage application.  

Nestled in the immaculate front end is a LS5 Turbo-Jet V8, 454ci 360hp engine. Married to a M40 3 speed automatic turbo 400 trans. All sitting on the G67 suspension with automatic level control system . 

Among the options included on this Monte Carlo were the SS package, bucket seats, power steering and a dark green interior. All meticulously made new again.

Original made new again Rally wheels and power brakes.

The artifacts supporting this rebirth are incredibly extensive. Including, the original Bill of Sale and Title, the original build sheet, the original GM keys, registration cards from 1973-1991 and interestingly enough a GM assembly plant lunch plate that sports glue overspray, found under passenger side carpet.

Cast your eyes at the new 1970 Monte Carlo SS “Sweet Pea”

Though Mr. Denkenberger in his one man “Cornfield Factory” did the lion’s Share of the work, the Fifer’s (proud owners of “Sweet Pea”) were very hands on customers. Mr. Fifer did the disassembly, carefully labeling each part for the eventually reassembly. He sanded and then sanded some more in addition to extensive archival research and procurement of parts. It was very much a hands on effort for these customers. Mike Carlisle did the engine work and the chrome plating was done by Paul’s Chrome and Advanced Plating.

All told this a story about passion. A builder, who’s goal it is to make his customers dreams come true.  The couple who are as passionate about their builder as they are about their “Sweet Pea”. And the truism that every build has a story and passion is undoubtedly one of the main ingredients.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs. Fifer for your words and inspiration for this article.

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