Builders Showroom “Pick of the Week” – “Dart SL” Big Oak Garage

The Builders Showrooms “Pick of the Week” is coming to you from the fellas at Big Oak Garage out of Hokes Bluff, Alabama. Big Oak has been turning out incredible Hot Rods for years. The crew at Big Oak is committed to “building the highest quality automobile” they can build. You won’t find any 1:1 scale model coming out of their shop. They pride themselves on building rides meant for the highway. “Road worthy as well as award worthy”. Consistently striving to create exotic works of art where the purpose of that art is dictated by the customer is their mantra.

That philosophy is evident in the build below. Ladies and Gents meet Big Oak Garage’s ’65 Dodge Dart “Dart SL”. This ride was completed for a debut at the 2015 Detroit Autorama, where it earned a spot on the Great 8 list. Not too shabby huh. To get this stunning look, a ton and I mean a ton of work went into crafting this Dart. Every panel has been touched. There are over 110 body modifications, countless hand-made sheet metal pieces and a staggering 42 one-off machined components were used to create the “Dart SL”. The interior of course, all custom. Everything from the dash to the one-off Classic Instruments gauges. Although painstaking efforts were taken to keep the body lines true to the original ’65, the “Dart SL” is all modern on the inside. Under the hood is a Gen 2 HEMI V8, originally a 350 that was bored and stroked to a 392. A Magnuson supercharger gives her a little extra kick, and the whole thing is mated to a Tremec 6-speed. The pristine power plant is at rest in a perfectly c-l-e-a-n engine compartment where all of the wires and plumbing are hidden; even the radiator was built in under a special valance. Way cool!

The car’s bright green and chrome treatment grabs your attention right away. The color is actually a stock Mopar color called “Green With Envy,” very apropos Big Oak! You don’t see too many of these Dodges around, which makes this build stand out even more in a really, really good way. The one-off Schott wheels are labeled SL65’s. The owner was later told by Schott that they will be selling this design sometime in the future, and they will call them SL65’s in honor of this build. How cool is that, kinda makes you green with you know what.

Now check out this Big Oak beauty yourself. Builders Showroom “Pick of the Week” from Big Oak Garage “Dart SL”.

There is so much more from Big Oak Garage in there All-In-One social media gallery that’s gonna make you “Green with Envy”. Check out all their posts from their social media accounts. Be sure and go through all their posts cause according to the folks at Big Oak you’ll be at the right spot. Their philosophy is “keep your soul tuned to the open road, and we’ll meet you at the “Big Oak”. I might add, where you’ll find some pretty bitchin’ rides.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!