Builders Showrooms “Pick of the Week” – “Agnes”

The Builders Showroom “Pick of the Week” comes from Troy Trepanier and his shop Rad Rides by Troy. This week’s selection is “Agnes” an extraordinarily unexpected 1940 Oldsmobile. I just saw this beauty for myself at the Chicago World of Wheels and she is a stunner. This ride is well worth a second, third and even fourth look. Well, according to Troy “there is only one way to do things: the right way” and the right way it was when he and his team created “Agnes”. Troy Trepanier just seems to make “doing things the right way” look easy. Troy’s Rad Rides are world renown. This shop’s name is synonymous with outstanding and award winning builds. For decades Rad Rides by Troy has been one of the most successful companies in the custom car world. And their rides perform as well as they look. There have been awards a plenty. They have built several Bonneville land speed record holders, the Ridler, AMBR, Barret Cup Street Machine of the year and “Agnes” added GoodGuys Street Rod d’Elegance to Troy’s mantle. That’s just to name a few of the accolades these Rad Rides receive. The publicity Troy and his rides, forget about it. This guy and his Rides are super stars, and Ms. “Agnes” is right up there.

“Agnes’ ” owner Wes Rydell is no stranger to world class rides. He owns a former Ridler winner. So in Wes’ stable “Agnes” is in very good company. According to Rydell, of all of my cars “Agnes” is getting the most bang for the buck. “I have had a lot of nice cars ….. this particular vehicle draws more attention than any other I have had the pleasure of owning and driving. Agnes makes people happy.” The subtle detail and stunning craftsmanship might just help people enjoy this one of a kind ride. The Rad Ride treatment is very extensive. Troy and company removed the wing windows, wedge cut the hood and elevated the rear fenders. The interior is a hybrid of Cadillacs; a ’49 dash and ’05 bucket seats. This beauty is powered by a chevy LS3 racing crate engine was given the Rad Ride works and was fabricated to look like a 1950 Olds Rocket engine. They even fabricated the faux ’50 Olds carburetor which really acts as an air intake to the 470 horsepower LS motor. Of course, correct green engine and valve cover paint were used. It’s perfect enough to trick even the most skilled hot rod critics. The three-piece wheels, designed by Wes himself, are a work of art. The design is patterned after a 1958 Oldsmobile hubcap. The billet wheels, cut in-house by Rad Rides. All of that Radical-ocity rolls with the name “Agnes”.

“We’re just getting started. What ’till you see what’s next.” is Troy’s motto and I for one can’t wait to see what’s coming down the pike next. For now, take a gander at sweet “Agnes”. By the by “Agnes” named for her original owner and in the hands of Rad Rides by Troy that’s a mighty fine tribute.

There are tons of more shots of this build, like about 80 or so, in our Rad Rides by Troy All-In-One Gallery. It’s updated daily with all of their Rad social media posts. Check out good old “Agnes” and all of the other exciting builds this shop is working on. We’ve got the daily pics and videos Rad Rides by Troy posts to FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube. Every last one of them. Check it out!

By the by the proud owner of “Agnes” has put more than 10,000 miles on this beauty. Lucky fellow.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!