Builders Showrooms “Pick of the Week” – Jason Graham “Babycakes” Merc

The Builders Showrooms “Pick of the Week” is coming to you from Jason Graham Hot Rods. This Cat is extraordinarily talented and turns out some of the most incredible builds around. Though he’s earned quite the reputation for creating the hottest rods going, he’s also built some of the coolest customs out there. “Sexy Blond” anyone! How could you forget that incomparable ’40 Merc, we sure have shown that one lots of love. This week though we are taking a closer look at Merc of a very different stripe, his 1950 Custom “Babycakes”.

This baby has been nosed, she’s been decked and shaved and smoothed. There’s a 4 inch chop and oh you can’t miss that grille chock full of mighty fine 54 Chevy “teeth”, with a few extra added for good measure. Since “Babycakes” is one righteous Custom we’ll tell you the headlights are from a ’55 Chevy and the taillights a ’49 Lincoln. Why you ask? Well Cuz, it’s ’cause top customizers in the mid-Fifties (read Bill Hines) loved the ’55 Chevy headlights. Likewise an old skool touch is the use of ‘49 Lincoln taillights. According to many, “no other custom lights look as natural”. So there! She’s powered by a Chevy 383 stroker married to a Turbo 400 tranny and the duals w/Flowmasters and ceramic coated headers really makes this baby purr.

Incidentily, the owner of this beauty is Jason’s wife, Tasha “Babycakes” Graham. In an interview with Ol’ Skool Rods Tasha proudly stated, “I have done a lot of sanding, bodywork, wet sanding, and interior work myself. I have put over 45,000 miles on it. She is my baby.” Heck ya to that. That’s one lucky (and skilled) lady!

Now that you have the skinny on this baby, cast an eyeball at the evolution of “Babycakes”. Mr. Graham you got skills, mad – mad skills!

To see all this and so much more, head on over to the All-in-One Gallery for Jason Graham Hot Rods. His posts are spot on and we’ve got them all and up to date. Well worth a nice long gander.
Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!