Builders Showrooms “Pick of the Week” – Ring Brothers “Happy Camper”

This week’s Builders Showrooms “Pick of the Week” is pure childhood nostalgia for yours truly and is brought to you by the Brothers Ring.

World renown hot rod builders extraordinaire, the Ring Brothers have been creating outstanding, award winning, industry leading builds for decades but they really upset the applecart when they turned talents to an entirely different arena, that of the recreational vehicle. A ’72 Winnebago Brave to be exact. I can personally appreciate this build because as a “young filly” many, many hours were spent road tripping in our family’s own Winnebago Brave. I can tell you Outdoor Resorts ain’t never seen the likes of this Winnie before!

The “Happy Camper” drove into life as a righteous stock 1972 Winnebago Brave, but in 2014 the brothers Ring decided they would take that bold brave to a whole new level. They set their minds on creating the ultimate cruising machine for the SEMA Show and suffice it to say, mission accomplished. The interior was completely stripped and reworked with a vintage/retro WWII Bomber meet surf shack vibe. Adios to the faux wood paneling and plaid upholstery. Replaced with bare metal covered in a minty green paint, new gages, custom leather upholstery and a glass doghouse so the curious or gear head minded can see that supercharger and all those horses hard at work. Add to that a flat screen TV, a boat engine hanging off the wall, a “bar” and some neon lights and you have the envy of the park. It’s a Ring Brothers build so you know the internals were completely reworked as well. Gone is the original engine, and in its place sits a stout Wegner Motorsports LS 408 supercharged V8 motor, getting you to Jellystone Park in no time flat since it outs out 900 horsepower! That beast is fed by MSD Atomic EFI and an Aeromotive Stealth fuel system. To cope with the additional power, the engine is coupled to a 4L80 transmission on to a Dynotec driveshaft and a John’s Industries Dana 80 rear axle with 4.11:1 gears. WHEW! The exterior modifications were kept to a minimum, one doesn’t want to mess with such classic styling. Some sponsor decals, and a uber cool detachable motorbike was about it. And there you have it folks, the “Happy Camper”.

Now feast your eyes and tell me this isn’t one of the koolest RV’s going. Oh, and Dad when I make it big I’ll be dropping off a GMC Eleganza II at the Ring Brothers with your name on it!

I can tell you for sure the hours of “go fish” games my sisters and I played in our Winnebago Brave would have been that much better if they were played on a surfboardesque table! Now that “Happy Camper” has wet your whistle for the talents for the Ring Brothers talents, be sure and hit up their All-In-One Gallery in their Builders Showroom. There you will be able to peruse all the up to the minute posts from the Ring Brothers across their social media pages.

Til the next time – Keep on Kruzin!