Builders Showrooms “Pick of the Week” – The Ring Brothers

The Builders Showrooms “The Pick of the Week” is an incredible award winning ride from the Ring Brothers. The brothers Ring have been a fixture in the Professional Hot Rod building world for decades. Carving out a niche for themselves as an industry leading parts manufacturer of billet, carbon fiber and fiberglass components. Oh ya and they turn out a couple world renowned, unique, innovative, one of a kind custom builds every year. The ride for this week are no less than that. We saw the unveiling of “Madame V” at SEMA this year and lucky for us (and you) the build is heavily featured in their Social Media Galleries. Just a few “dets” about this show stopper. It took 4 donor cars to create what you are about to see. Yes 4 Cadillacs, 2 ’48 fastback coupes, and 2 ATS-Vs a 2015 and a 2016. Can you say custom build. The hand crafted custom carbon fiber hood took over 600 hours to create. Yes the hood, 600 hours. Attention to detail is putting it mildly and that passion for perfection is evident in every build. Especially their latest “Madame V”.

Check out the gorgeous Madame V an incomparable ’49 Cadillac that is smooth sleek nostalgia on the outside and cutting edge, modern innovation on the inside.

Here is your jump to the Social Media Galleries for the Ring Brothers. We’ve got the “Big 3” for you to peruse. FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube. Now carve out a few minutes/hours for yourself and enjoy.
Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!