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2714 S. Highland Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(702) 733-6216
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Count's Kustoms, a one of a kind hot rod and chopper customization/ restoration shop located in the heart of Las Vegas and owned by Danny “Count” Koker.

Metal on metal, mild to wild, the Count’s Kustoms’ team puts great pride and care into every one of our projects, no matter how big or small. Using only the highest grade parts available, we customize our vehicles to fit the particular tastes and desires of each individual customer.

We are your one-stop shop for in-house paint, upholstery, frame-up builds and service. Our custom hot rods and choppers exceed expectation with creativity and die-hard quality, not to mention incredible handling and ride-ability.

With razor-sharp attention to detail, from the bodywork to the final paint fit and finish, every custom embodies individuality and forward thinking, with a nod to the retro.

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7 hours ago

Count's Kustoms
SEMA is coming up soon, if you see any of the guys there make sure you say hello!

SEMA is coming up soon, if you see any of the guys there make sure you say hello!From Martin Bros Customs to Count's Kustoms, we have quite the celebrity lineup planned at SEMA this year! ... See MoreSee Less

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Save me a shirt I'm sending my boss to sema

When they going back out on tour? Saw them last yr in dubugue iowa and they kicked a$$


1 week ago

Count's Kustoms
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Pulled SuperFly out for a little stroll and the perfect song was on the radio. Perfect song for a cruise. ... See MoreSee Less

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The car is amazing Ryan did they most amazing paint job on that car with all the Chrome the interior is very badass 😎

My neighbor had an eldo when I was a kid. They were cruisers. Not to mention quite the status symbol.

That was my 79 vette three weeks ago. Now stereo don't work.

Sean Oliver this is what I was trying to make...remember

I used to have a 72 Rover 2000. The one with the fins that the police used. Only played 70's music

I'm waiting for a ride on the blue GTO, this is not so bad either

I love those headlights man

That's what i am talking about ... Pimpin pimpin pimpin..

I don't know why but I would be blaring the theme to Shack in that beauty.

that is one stunning ride...

Crusing just wouldn't get any better than in this beauty.

Just came from our County Court House, now I feel Like I'm at the Courty Count house.


Is this car in The Deuce TV series? Stunning car Ryan.


Man that interior looks so comfortable, I could hibernate in that bear fur lol

Has anyone done any research on this car. It looks like one from a James Bond movie. Live And Let Die

That Car is stunning .... If only they were available in Australia.

Seriously? You JUST HAD to take Chewbakka's car out for a drive?

you guys watch "The Deuce" on HBO???

I love what you did with that car

Wow, you guys do Amazing work Danny. Loved seeing your show room this year when I was in Vegas.

Could somebody tell me the name of the song, pls ^^

Jan de Wit.. big pimpin..

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2 weeks ago

Count's Kustoms
Our thoughts & prayers are with the victims of last nights tragic events and their families. We are thankful for the immediate actions of our Las Vegas first responders and all of the law enforcement agencies continuing to help. Please pray for those injured and those dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Our thoughts & prayers are with the victims of last night's tragic events and their families. We are thankful for the immediate actions of our Las Vegas first responders and all of the law enforcement agencies continuing to help. Please pray for those injured and those dealing with the loss of a loved one. ... See MoreSee Less

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Danny, team and to the city I love to visit, as a former Police Officer and EMT we're trained for mass casualty incidents but nothing can prepare you for this. Out of this hate you saw love. Love of people helping their neighbors. Hug your family and friends tight everyday. Peace

I feel helpless. To have this happen in my city, at my work makes it even more personal. My thanks go out the the cops and EMTs, my prayers go out to the world.

Fox news was talking to a guy who was near where a lot of the bullets where landing and hitting people he said the most profound thing " with everyone knelling the Police Stood in the face of danger shielding people with their bodies and with only handguns" God Bless the Good Guys

Thinking of all you guys out there at this sad time , condolences to the families who have lost loved ones , and to all the injured wishing you a speedy recovery, ... from across the pond here in England ❤️ xxx

Praying for Vegas. I listened to the response on the scanner. These have to be the most dedicated and professional first responders in the country. Your city should be very proud and thankful for your police, emt and fire department. They absolutely did an outstanding job!! Continued prayers for all affected by this.

God bless those lost and injured, my hubby and granddaughter are Visiting Vegas and counts customs for week in November. We salute the police and veryone else helping Vegas. All love from Yorkshire England.🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

My thoughts and prayers go out to Vegas . Stand Tall. Praying for you Danny and your employees. In this after math.. Sending my love to you all.

Just the kind of heart felt response from Danny and his team. My husband and I love Las Vegas and consider it our 2nd home. It's reassuring to know Vegas has 1st rate first responders. I have family that lives there and was glad to hear all are well. God Bless all those affected by a senseless act.

Our thoughts go out to the people of Las Vegas. We have visited many times and will be back in the future. 💜💜

Thank you for posting this Count's Kustoms Many of us from overseas thought of you guys ( and Rick, ChumLee, Corey and the Old Man over at Pawn Stars) as the news broke in our tv and radio media

My first thoughts when I woke up this morning and saw the news were for you and my cousin Nick. Glad you are all safe. Please be careful the world is changing so fast and becoming more dangerous.

Danny and Team, I hope that you were not personally affected by this violence. You were one of the first ones I thought of when I woke and heard of this senseless act. Prayers for all the families of the lost and injured.

I was wondering how come the housekeeping did not see anything up in his room when cleaning and if he turned housekeeping downwouldn't be suspicious on hiding something in his room. My prayers go out to all the families that was involved.

toughts and pray for you brother and all the family who lost someone in this horrible incident. Love from Québec province!!

We heard on the radio in England count.I can’t believe one individual can cause so much pain and suffering and death to so many others, and do the cowardly act of turning one of his weapons on himself instead of facing justice.If he wasn’t able to get help for himself and wanted to kill himself why didn’t he just do it and not involve the poor souls who were just going about there daly lives.The police and emergency crews are a special breed of people.where everyone else is running away from the gunfire those ladies and gentlemen are running towards it without any care for there own lives.My father was a police officer for thirty six years I know when he went on duty you just hoped to god he would be safe and come home to us.Take care all England is thinking and praying.

All our thougts goes to the people of Las Vegas, we pray for you in these difficult times. We had a simular tragedy here in Norway some years ago. Regards from Norway.

I am sick over this, I just left there friday and I can't believe some souless person did this. I pray for everyone and their families involved.

I was in Las Vegas last month for the Star Trek convention and the first day I visited at Count Kustoms I joy it visiting there and Las Vegas, this morning I hear the news about what happened I thought all the people who I met there at the Count Kustoms and Rio, I have said some prayers for the victims and their families and everyone else, and all the law enforcement officers and first responders who helped 🖖

From Canada My thoughts and prayers to all in Vegas. To all the lives that were lost, my heart breaks for your family and friends. Stay strong.... stay VEGAS STRONG!

Thank God for the police that were able to stop this guy, and the first responders and bystanders that helped the wounded.

My prayers for Vegas. I don't live anywhere near there and I was scared to death for all those people. I cannot imagine .............

Hope y'all are safe and prayers to the city of Vegas. I lived there for 6 years and was married a couple years ago across the street.

Thoughts & prayers to all those in Vegas. May the lord heal those injured and give strength to the families who lost loved ones.

How did this rat get all them weapons up to his room ? Prayers for the families affected by this tragedy !!

Thoughts and prayers for the people in Vegas , it is a turbulent time with violence around the world affecting so many .

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3 weeks ago

Count's Kustoms
Justin working hard on a custom dash piece to be fitted into an upcoming build to be featured on a BRAND NEW episode of Counting Cars!  Make sure to tune in Oct. 3rd at 10pm on HISTORY

Justin working hard on a custom dash piece to be fitted into an upcoming build to be featured on a BRAND NEW episode of Counting Cars! Make sure to tune in Oct. 3rd at 10pm on HISTORY ... See MoreSee Less

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Counting cars would be so much better if it was an hour long show so they can show off the whole process of building their cars and bikes like so many other shows do. I would love to see how some of the awesome rides r built

Love seeing the 'behind the scenes' work. There is obviously a lot of work that happens when a vehicle comes in and before it comes out that door. Thanks for sharing !

Can't wait to watch again...waiting to see this very talented Fabricator Justin glad he's back on the team! One proud Auntie here :-)

Praise the programming gods that they are back on Tuesday now if it could be an hour earlier... but for now it will work....

I hope we get to see that 73 olds you all got last season! I had a 74 would love to see your take on the body style!!

Awesome sauce I'm happy for a new season Danny and the gang are car super heroes car God's counts kustoms

I like that more of the crew is being shown. I thinks it's more interesting than watching Mike be a spoiled baby.

love to learn how to use the english wheel.. and metal fab kit... would rally help me with my builds lol..

As a fan of your show and work, my heart goes out to you, your staff and every Las Vegas resident. :(

Since when did you hire David Draiman as a fabricator

I wish I had the $$$$ for you guys to do my 73 Factory sunroof Sat / RR

I need a job there we're not allowed to wear ear phones

Can't wait!!! My honey and I watch together great bonding time for us 😊💯

I'll be there October 20th. Hope to see your shop too.

Tuesday will not get here soon enough for me!!!!!

Went on out a couple weeks ago and seen his cars. It was awesome

Can't wait and I hope to see all the coolness when my husband and I come to Vegas in December.

Are y'all coming to cruising the coast this here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

Can't wait

Super,je vais en découvrir un petit nouveau

Rockin' Greetings from Germany!

Outstanding work

Counts kustom.. d best.. idol ryan👍👍👍👍

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Counting Cars

Make sure you tune in October 3rd!!!

Counting Cars
It's game on. Counting Cars is back October 3rd at 10/9c.
... See MoreSee Less

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Finally!!! Seems like it's been forever. Can't wait to see what kind of magic The Count and his crew do this season. SOOO EXCITED!!!

I can't wait to see what you guys can pull out of the bag.Just when I think I've seen everything you guys can do to a car and bike you take it to another level yet again.Danny your an absolute legend my partner and I can't wait to see you again. We've never known a chap with such a good heart take care all.

Great new season - however - Never, Ever, Never Black Out the engine bay in a Datsun 240Z!! It just screams "C H E A P". It should of been SILVER!

Counting down the days. I can't wait for new episodes even though I binge watch on Sunday mornings.

Looking forward to it, I like watching the reruns but I will definitely enjoy the new ones

Se message est pour Dany le compte je m'appelle Serge Bouchard je suis un de vos plus grand fan de votre émission count kustom, je suis gravement malade il mon diagnostiquée un cancer du poumon et mon rêve ces avoir une calotte de vous, je fais de la chimiothérapie et de la radiothérapie je n'est plus de cheveux et j'aimerais la portée fièrement merci mon adresse 3587 rue boullé Jonquière ( Québec ) g7x8z2 merci à toutes votre équipe .

Man, you guys KILLED that 240z! That was freakin' awesome!

I definitely that show...

That an old Ford Falcon?

Hopefully UK will only be a couple of weeks behind xxx

Why don't you put the boys that BUILD the cars on tv...... that's what we want to see!!!!

That nova is my brothers old car will be so cool to see it on tv

I hope it's more than 6 episodes on this season 🤞

Wow Finally I cannot wait miss you Guys!!!

a truly entertaining show !! everybody plays a part !! great show !! can't wait !

Love you guys and prayers for all out there in Las Vegas and prayers for all of you

Finally I will have something to watch on TV. My favorite show will be back on the air.

At last - at last !

I am waiting

DVR is ready!!!!

Looking forward to the new season...!!

Danny .....shewwwwy....🔥 🔥

Findlay back on Tuesdays

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3 weeks ago

Count's Kustoms
Early morning fitment on some new lights in a project that is soon to be completed! Make sure to tune in to the BRAND NEW season of Counting Cars starting October 3rd!!

Early morning fitment on some new lights in a project that is soon to be completed! Make sure to tune in to the BRAND NEW season of Counting Cars starting October 3rd!! ... See MoreSee Less

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This is my kid.... so proud of him!

I can't wait! My husband passed away last year and I will miss watching it with him. You are all quite the bunch of characters and I enjoy every one of you. What impresses me most though, are the compassionate things you do for people and the good feeling I have after watching the show. Keep it up!

You should come to north platte, Nebraska and check out some of the old cars we have around here, you'd love them and could get them cheap

I love watching counting cars they do awesome work i can't wait till we get a new series in the UK

We are waiting in India your new season episode.

Super sweet i love show n shop n cars you fix n flip n customize

I have a 1970 mustang fast back. I would love to let count's do there Magic on it..

i cant wait to see the new shows your show is so cool by the way your 55 is it a automatic or a 4 speed with a 292 v8

Cant wait been to long lol

Looks like the front end of a TRI 5 . oh yeah Nomad finaly

I love to see how much you would charge to redo my 72 GMC pickup

Good to see you guys back I hope you're all doing well

The Count is Buckeye boy,gotta love that.

Love you Guys, hell yes can't wait!

These guys suck!

1955 first car!

C.k u all guys alwes rocks

il va falloir que je regarde la version original

U should do this 1


Love me a ''55''


Can't wait

Cant wait

Nice 55

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Counting Cars

Make sure to mark your calendars! We're back on Tuesdays!!

Counting Cars
They're the best there are at what they do. Counting Cars returns Tuesday Oct. 3rd.
... See MoreSee Less

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At last ! Can't wait - love the show - the cars, bikes and featuring the people in the show and all the work they do. Thank you for showing some of the magic that happens in the shop.

I have a 1955 Ford Fairlane for sale it's in good running condition it's a four door it needs a good home and someone too restore it and make it nice and shinny again. The Engine is the original 272 spit fire with only seventy thousand miles on it the inside is clean and shinny l'm up here in Ogden utah.

Make sure it gets to Youtube so I can watch it here in Germany :) NO local TV sponsors for discovery channels..

Hey Danny short and sweet I love your show years for my 60th birthday I’m going to be in Las Vegas for a couple couple of days look forward to seeing your shop if that’s possible or just your card colle

I'm going to Las Vegas for vacation. I leave this Friday. I want to go back to Kounts customs!!!

Love ❤️ this show. Bucket list-your 1959 Cadillac Coupe-absolutely beautiful!!!

Hope this is Canada too.

Cant wait. Will be counting the days. Best car show around. Danny & his crew are the best

I can't wait . I have really missed these shows , Danny and the guys are awesome.

Been watching since the first episode. Can't wait for the new season.

To bad you're only on for 30 minutes. You should have an hour long show

Can't wait for the new shows.

Thank God!!! Didnt see any of last season

Love the show would love to get my hands on a 1967 Chevy impala 4 door hard top

I've been trying for over a week for Shannon to build me a bike absolutely all of your mailboxes at your shop is full do you guys listen to your voice mail come on what gives call me John in Missouri 2 hours ahead of YOU John 1 573 873 8553 I want a Harley Davidson 1200 sportster custom what can you do for me leave a message and your cell phone number thanks.

Can't wait for counting cars to return and see the guys



Looking forward to it!!!

Love that hot danny

I have already mark my calendar.

Can't wait

Love this show

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Tune in NOW!! Danny is going live with Ally to talk about some of his cars in his personal collection.

Your Cheddar With Ally: Personal finance tips from the pros. On Opening Bell, Ford trims production at five U.S. plants, Amazon inks deal with "Stranger Things" writer, and Uber reviews Asia operations amid criminal probe. With The Drive, Automobile Magazine, Cannabis Now Magazine, Rituals Cosmetics, letgo, Popular Science, and more.
... See MoreSee Less

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Damn...I missed it 😢

We've seen a lot of cars on this show. Would like to see something a Dodge Dart Demon, Torino, Cougar, Grand Prix, '68 Impala SS, Olds Toronado.

in 2 years I'm going to send you my 73 mustang convertible to put the counts kustoms stank on it 😎 and your staff rock...I want Shannon to build me a bike!

I wana buy jacket with your logo.......where i can get,im from Slovenia Europe

i was 1 year ago in danny's garage !! i go from France and it was my dream !!

Ohhh Danny Koker❤️

Nice job Danny very educational.

❤️ from INDIA

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1 month ago

Count's Kustoms

... See MoreSee Less

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Hay Danny I'm glad that your show is coming back on I love that school do you still have honnie Mike working for you he's some thing I like all the guys they work hard for you hay Danny you shore make that work truck brain out to

On a road trip through Vegas in a couple of weeks! Planning on stopping by Counts Kustoms! Hope to see the guys!

Danny, I remember during bike week when you burnt till the tires blew. #kingofshow##.

you can see the heat peaking out from underneath the front of the truck, that's crazy.

Throw a little CK twist into the photo.

Danny the king of burn !

Danny's reaction to all the people who complain about car pollution. Lol

I love the smoke show Danny...

Just watched the King of the Burn out episode again. Love the burn out in reverse!

Where can I buy a t-shirt for my husband for Christmas online with your logo in the back? Thx

First place I visited when I landed in Vegas..... Counts!!! Loved it.. That Viper was SWEET.

these 3 hour blocks r killing my dvr lol

Whatcha doing Danny? Let off steam or playing?

too bad i didn't have the $ to have my suburban restored

Too bad show stopped over here in the Netherlands..I realy liked it

Took this photo in Vegas at Count's Kustoms. Loved the shop.

WHY is something on fire under the truck?

My fav show count's kustoms and Danny the king of burnot🍻

One of the best shows on TV yall God Bless the crew amazing work

Parking lot didn't look like that when I visited last month.

coming to visit you on Friday from Scotland

Hope to see the guys day.

Sweet! I wonder how many people can name the music video that truck was in many moon ago? I'll give you a clue the name of the band starts with a G.

King of the Burnouts!

Classic Climate Change. ;)

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1 month ago

Count's Kustoms
You all have been wondering, and we can finally tell you all! October 3rd. at 10pm BRAND NEW SEASON of Counting Cars!  Make sure to SHARE and tell all of your friends!

You all have been wondering, and we can finally tell you all! October 3rd. at 10pm BRAND NEW SEASON of Counting Cars! Make sure to SHARE and tell all of your friends! ... See MoreSee Less

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Just noticed the Counts Kross on the doorway to the left - had Counts Tattoo customize a tattoo for me on one of my last visits - you would not believe the compliments I've gotten onit. The only place I get my work done !

I got the chance to see the 2nd Amendment Corvette he did a few years ago when it was on display in Milwaukee in August. I walked up to it, did a complete walk around while having a feeling that this was the car I was looking at and got my confirmation the moment I saw the Count's Kustoms cross on the rear. I thought the car was amazing when I watched the shop work on it and the final show and tell, so to speak but it was totally awesome seeing it for real. Great job, guys.

I'm so happy Counting Cars is back on Tuesdays, Saturdays were ruff, thank you History channel for the awesome change.. Truly excited can't sooo wait.💙

Love that 32 Deuce Coupe! Planning on getting one of my own... one of these days. Maybe take it to Count's Kustoms to give it the Count's touch! Those guys are amazing!

Danny my buddy I have so much respect for you, your business, your team, and your builds. Traveled from newfoundland just to see your shop and eat at at your restaurant twice. I know I'm only one tiny voice from the thousands of fans you have, but I ask with so much respect that you don't let discovery continue to change the direction of your show. It was once a show about great cars builds and a great business full of true craftsman. Seams there's only minutes about the builds and way too much horseplay lately. I can't wait to see what's coming this season and I'm hoping to see you get back to the builds. The discovery channel seems to do it to every great car and custom fab show they produce. I can say I will always be a fan of your shop. Hopefully I can say the same for the show. Cheers to yo and your team.

Hi Danny and crew We get the Counting Cars tv show here on the far side of the pacific Ocean. Its an awesome tv series. Last night we had the episode in which you change that Pink Chevrolet deliver van into your own colour scheme.

You guys are on this old ladies bucket list to come and see Danny's Collections and his mother's car he is a very nice young man I have watched this show for years I turned 64 on September 28th and disabled it's a dream to get a pickup truck and get it fixed by them too. Keep doing the amazing things you guys do awesome show.

Danny I love watching your show. Never have grown tired of watching reruns. I love your positivity in the way you deal with people. I love everything about this show. May it run for as long as YOU want it to.

Luv ya guys,, sure wish I could get ya guys to do a disabled build for me, to keep my freedom if driving a good reliable car,,, that suits my needs,, been walking for a yr, a friend picked me up a lil beater to ease the pain from walking, they working on it ,, it won't be something to last forever n I'll be back walking again when I can,, if ever ya need to have a tax write off project please keep me in mind, my disability is life ling, n come and go as far mobility some days I can get out bed n walk two blocks to a store, some day I can't walk to the toilet for weeks,, so please keep me in mind d fir a special project of a safe reliable car that suits my disability needs , that will last for a long time n itder me to enjoy my driving n road trips n never loose my freedom if that,, driving actually helps me n my pain, n keep from proling down time when I can drive any where verse walking, or not having ride, n missing appointment, or simply beIN stuck cause most stores n appointment are too far to walk to

I was there last week nice car collection Danny that Ryan does a awesome job what talent your whole crew has would of love to meet all of you. I have a Chevy SSR I would love Ryan to do something to it to break up all the Red

Thank YOU my brother glade to hear that hope is all well with everyone and some day I will be able too afford one of your vest umm a big guy would be proud to show your logo but illness comes first love you brothers get r done AMEN

Awesome ..your show has become my hubbie's and I's faverite show to watch we even record your shows ...sometimes when we're cruise around town n we see old cars I always wanna yell out to the owner driving the car " Hey I wanna talk about your car " Or sometimes I'll guess the year of the car n then google it to see if Im right !! All of this because of my husband and your show . My Husband and I plan on moving to Vegas in like a year or two n your Shop n Restaurant is tops on my list to visit .

Hi Sir your all seasons are super hit and in all your seasons i able to see legendary cars and great modification of the cars, bikes etc.. and your mind blowing dedication of you & your team to make some one special car, etc.. to level up min blowing car with smile and love. Sir i am small to say you that God bless you all, always be happy and be smiling.

Danny's positive advancement. Always anxious for your latest entries. I got a 320cc ( Malibu ) JOHNNY PAG here in Nigeria but distance is frustrating. If not, l would prefer custom restoration with a bigger Harley Davidson engine.

They pull down wicked bad ass hot rods and solid choppers very talented group of individuals would love to have them throw something together for me insane paint jobs. Very Nice.

The best one was with Five Finger Death Punch lead guitarist stuck on the side of the road on his Harley and Danny stopped to Help him, that was really righteous.

Hi there Danny how are you today brother, do you no that there is a all American car show in Sweden every year and it has every single all American car ever made , do you no about this show if you don't Danny you need to go there and have a look at all American cars you will not be disappointed Danny brother, you and your amazing team rock's, I can't wait to come and visit you , keep on rocking my brother, see you soon Danny brother.

And meanwhile I'm enjoying the 3 hrs of shows each Sunday AM catching up on some of the stuff I've either missed or forgotten!!! Can't wait for Oct.!

Fantastic news, hoping the appalling camera work and editing issues of the last couple of seasons has been fixed though, didn't do the show or the workmanship justice.

Yeah! Love the show and what you all do. Would really like to meet you someday but health issues prevent me from traveling that far. Keep it real brother! Amen!

Some day I am gonna save up enough $ and have counts customs build me my car! My 60th birthday sounds like a good goal! Oh! Wait that's next year !

I will certainly be watching that I just love you guys and what you can do to anything with wheels on is just amazing take care all 😀

Are you actually showing more of the builds or just more staged antics? I love the work you guys do, but would love to see more of the work.

All Ready for Count's customs bring the team on😎 for that touch Customize that shows Compliments to outstanding work done😎🚲🚗🚓🚙🚘🚛🎯🎩🀄️🚀🎸🎼🎶🎵🏁 thanks to the team.😇

So happy to hear. Love this show so so much. Love Danny & his crew. Best news especially that back on Tuesday again.

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Three Lock Box featuring Sin City Sammy

Don't forget! If you would like to donate some supplies to help out the hurricane victims, drop some stuff off at the shop or come up to Count's Vamp'd, this Saturday night! Three Lock Box featuring Sin City Sammy will be taking the supplies to Texas!

Three Lock Box featuring Sin City Sammy
Hurricane Run UPDATE!! Mosquito repellant!!
... See MoreSee Less

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I had the pleasure of meeting the man in the video today at Ihop. Me and my husband are big fans of Danny and counts Customs, we watch counting cars all the time and Danny has such a big heart. Thank you for helping the Hurricane victims with supplies to both of you, bless you hearts.

That is why I love you guys At Counts Kustoms! You have such big hearts!

Thank you and yes to the Mosquito spray

Good luck on your endeavor. Those people need so much. You giving of your time is outstanding. Love you for that.

Thank y'all sooo much! Prayers for safe travel. Take care.

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1 month ago

Count's Kustoms
If you are going to #WESTEC today at the L.A. Convention Center, make sure you stop and say hello to Kevin and Horny Mike! They are going to be doing a meet and greet this afternoon!

If you are going to #WESTEC today at the L.A. Convention Center, make sure you stop and say hello to Kevin and Horny Mike! They are going to be doing a meet and greet this afternoon!Kevin Mack of Count's Kustoms presents at #WESTEC discussing Shop Talk and Meet and Greet with Counting Cars ... See MoreSee Less

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Met you guys in Detroit was a blast

I love watching yaw'lls show. I would like some info on how does your restoration go ,what do I have to do to get a 1969 Road Runner re-done and cost?

Sou muito fã de vcs, assisto sempre! Pena que não tenho condições de fazer meu carro antigo na kounts.... Iria ficar irado! Parabéns a todos pelo talento e capricho com os carangos!

You Guys Rock ! I can only Wish I could have you guys put your Stamp on mine ! { Ah MINUS the 70--80's touch that is !

Kevin, please keep an eye on Mike! We all know the trouble he is capable of!

The team members of FRC Team, Rogue Techs, really enjoyed meeting you both today at WESTEC.

How much for your shirts Kev shipping handling

Wish you guys came to st paul.

wish i could, on east coast but watching counting cars everydy!

We love your shows in India (History TV)

Before it was destroyed by local body shop with degreaser

Pleze help me fix my 2010 challenger it got destroyed by a local body shop I took it to get a place on my bumper fixed and they destroyed my car with degreaser my paint has stains all in it they power washed my car and engine bay with degreaser and it was spotless when I took it I had it in a car show just five days before I took it my paint is stained and everything is corroding I'm a disabled veteran and can't afford to fix it in so upset I had a stroke last week because it is no longer a show car plz help me this stress is killing me I have severe PTSD and I don't want to live like this I'm so angry I'm disabled and this was all I had to get me active now I just wanna lay down and die this depression is getting to me over my car plum crazy purple challenger I have. Nowhere else in turn to plz help me make my car a show car again ray 606-310-8555 thank you

mike is the coolest

Horny Mike is THE MAN

I Wish!!!

who in da hell wants to meet HOENY MIKE LMAO

Met Ryan at Counts in August

Their awesome

What happened with Scott Kevin Mack

Kevin is my favorite

What's up

I love u all team

would be good if you came to the uk

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1 month ago

Count's Kustoms
We will never forget the tragedy that took place 16 years ago today.

We will never forget the tragedy that took place 16 years ago today. ... See MoreSee Less

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Just wanted to share this: Today's my 17 year anniversary of being in the military (4 years active duty Navy, 4 years in-active ready reserve, 9 years Army Reserves) Today also marks when I remember where I was 9/11/01 19 years old, 1 year in the Navy, off the coast of India, just left Thailand a few days before. We didn't have Live broadcast TV access at that time so I couldn't see what happened until days later. I heard about the attacks by messages sent to us from our command. Soon after that we got the order to high tail it to the Middle East off the coast of Pakistan on the intent to fire missiles into Afghanistan. Our weapon system failed so we didn't get the chance which was a shame since I was the first signature on every single missile plan.

We all remember where we were that day. I was at my desk listening to the radio and the announcer said "America is under attack" i couldn't believe it. thoughts and prayers to the families of all the victims. RIP to all who lost their life.

We will never forget. As a nation we are truly stronger than before and we will continue to be. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God Bless America

R.I.P to all the victims... these people will never win.. thoughts and prays are with family abd friends... SCOTLAND REMEMBERS.

My Prayers go to all the families that lost family, friends, and our firefighters and all policemen and women we lost.. "GOD BLESS AMERICA"

It was unbelievable watching that second plane hit, ruled out accidental in a heartbeat. Absolutely mind blowing. Floored everyone.

I remember hearing about this at work, shocked and horrified, thoughts and prayers to all families and affected by this !!

I know its been 16 years since this happened but I can't help to shed tears as if it happened just yesterday .

My Coworker Christine Eagan here from Canada was visiting her Sister that worked in the Trade Center for her Birthday , I covered her Shift she never came out alive . And I also knew a Woman from the same Town of Winnipeg that missed her Plane to go there .

We will never forget respect and support from Wales uk

Last years visit to The World Trade Memorial and the new World Trade One I will NEVER FORGET!

TY Danny and the rest of your crew.

Prayers for all the families!!

We never will brotherman stay strong stay safe my friend

I don't think anyone will forget that day when our lives changed in an instant. Always remember.

My son graduated from boot camp a few days after..straight to Fort Polk, then Bagdhad Was there 28 months...

Ça fait toujours autant mal.revoir ces images me fait mal au Coeur car je pense aux victimes et a leur famille

thank you for your service and to all that served and the ones still serveing thank you all

We must never forget those gave their lives that day

Its one of those days that you know exactly where you were etc..

Neither will I retired MSG USAF

Love from France, we'll never forget too.

🕯 RIP 🕯

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1 month ago

Count's Kustoms
Ghetto Bob is working on a very special project! If you are in Las Vegas on Oct. 7th make sure to come up to Counts Vampd to check it out!

Ghetto Bob is working on a very special project! If you are in Las Vegas on Oct. 7th make sure to come up to Count's Vamp'd to check it out! ... See MoreSee Less

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Cool beans love new ideas from ya'll. Wish ya'll would come visit south mississippi during our cruising the coast in october. You we old love all the cars here that are show cased.

Keep Horny Mike away from it...Ryan is ok to touch

Hey Danny this one of your old builds it's got some of your flare on it.

When is the New Season Starting ? Dying Here.

My birthday 🎉 October 7

Il me tarde de voir ça,encore un truc génial va encore sortir de l'atelier

C'était génial ce matin super contente j'ai vu Stoney Curtis

C'est dans une heure counting cars

count's kustoms is superb 👌👌👌

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Three Lock Box featuring Sin City Sammy

A message from The Count: A good friend of mine, Three Lock Box featuring Sin City Sammy, is having a show at Count's Vamp'd on September 16th and is asking for people to come to the show bring some stuff for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. He is going to personally drive every item to Texas to give to the victims himself. We are going to be collecting items down here at Count's Kustoms, so if you can spare it, please bring down some items you would like to donate. We are going to be bringing it to the show!

Three Lock Box featuring Sin City Sammy
Three Lock Box featuring Sin City Sammy is helping victims of recent flooding in South Texas. Feel free to share this video on how easily YOU CAN HELP!!
... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you, Brother!

Am wondering if y'all know someone that can help me out . I do not like asking anyone for help but my back's against the wall . My wife is a first responder in Houston TX. I felt it would be a lot safer if she took my pick up instead of her car . Well she wound up sinking the truck one block away from the Police department downtown .I have a heart condition I can no longer work . I am waiting on disability , I am having to go through the V.A. for my medical . I just hate asking for help but I just don't know what to do.. Thanks and God bless.

Good on you, and if anyone isn't able to make it, there are plenty of really good charitable organizations looking for donations of ANY kind - food, clothing, money, temporary housing, you name it. Here are a couple links to good charities that can help these folks out - if you can't physically be there, send something along to help those who are there or headed that way! This one will help find the good charities and weed out any potential scams or other nonsense

Thanks for doing this . You guys are awesome . I am a life long resident of Southeast Texas . The destruction is beyond belief.

Have an Idea, Hey Mercedes in the Morning Can we get the word out on the Air, to help this great cause and make it even Bigger! I need your Help Mercedes and JC & 94.1 best station in the world.

Count, you all truly rock brother!!!!!! All your staff, friends, acquaintances, .......You guys are awesome!!!! Bless each and every one of you!!!!!!

We got your back guys my family will get a box together and drop it off at Count's! Thank You guys for doing this.

Wish I could be there. East coast girl here. Hope you guys come here someday. LOTS of people would LOVE to see you & be able to help out. <3

More, people need to help, come together in the world, we are all Brothers and sisters Lets Stand strong.

Thanks Counts Kustoms for all your help 💜 Everthing given is Blessed No Matter how Big or Small

Safe Travels Sammy and hats off to you for helping 💙💝

Y'all we appreciate ya'...thanks so much.

Thank you so very much from an original Texan

Awesome, need more people like this in the world

Keep posting when I get in town I'll be glad too !

From Texas: Thank You!!


From Deer Park, Texas...THANK YOU !!

Thanks Guys!



Right on!!!


Thank you Sammy


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