Byron Dragway World Power Wheel Stand Championship 2015

Unexpected, unpredictable, unbelievable, oh ya it was the Playground of Power Byron Dragway 21st Annual World Power Wheel Standing Championship and what more is there to say!! I’ve said it before but I must say it again, this is the best show on two wheels. Please tell me how does it get any better than two tons of Detroit’s finest heading for the stratosphere. Raise those wheelie bars and let those ponies run, it was bumper dragging, nitrous spraying, wheel standing mayhem and it was without a doubt the BEST! There were sixteen of the hottest hot rods vying for the top prize and if that weren’t enough there was a full schedule of top notch racing all day. This is one of those times where the pictures really need to do the talking, cast an eyeball at these hot rodders taking it to the limits.

Check out the Most Recent Show Gallery. If I do say so myself, there are some pretty sweet freeze frame shots of these beasts clawing for the sky.

The winner of this epic battle was Jason Schubert with his ’78 Olds. This one must be seen to be believed.

We made a new friend Sunday, one Mr. Wes Newman and our new friend loves to put on a show. This is just a teaser to the outrageous show he put on. He was aiming to put that beauty on her lid, he didn’t quite get there but the show he put on while trying to do so was amazing. Hold on this is just the beginning of the wild ride. Stay tuned, I have two words for you Go Pro!

One more video, this one from the perennial favorite Mr. Brian Ambrosini and his launching AMC Gremlin. Second place this year, not too shabby!

A huge thank you to BJ and the crew at the track. You made our day seamless and our many thanks for that. You’ve got yourself a fine piece of gearhead heaven there in Byron. Keep fighting the good fight and thanks again.

What a way to round out the summer season but there’s still more to come, an Iron Invasion and then some.