Can You Dig It

Talk about stopping me dead in my tracks. Hold on to your hot sauce friends this ’68 Chevelle has broken all the rules. I know this is probably a bad play on words and I’m sure Mr. Kindig has heard it more than once but oh I can dig it , I can dig it for sure. Here is fantastic number four of our SEMA Super Star line up. This one of a kind Chevelle was created at Kindig It Design in Salt Lake City. The Red LS7 sits on top of an Art Morrison Chassis. The front and rear bumpers have been heavily modified along with the taillights and that stunning paint job, that paint job – ain’t nothing subtle there. This Chevelle is such a clear example of Dave Kindig’s automotive artistry, talk about using a car as your canvas. With rides like this it’s clear why Kindig and his team have launched to super stardom with their show Bitchin’ Rides that airs on the Velocity network. This is one guy and shop that needs to be followed. Their outside the box thinking and creating are truly one of a kind, that’s why we here at thought it necessary to honor Kindig It Design with a SEMA Super Star Award.

A bitchin’ ride for sure! Take a gander at one of my absolute favorite rides at the 2015 SEMA Show.

And by the way those stripes are straight on straight, a tough enough feat when you’ve just got a couple of racing stripes but the whole car. Dang! Hit up Mr. Kindig and his site if you are in the SLC area and are in need of one of the hottest hot rods out there. Also Bitchin’ Rides is a must add to your viewing lineup! Hold on tight, there’s so much more to come.