Custom Car Revival 2018

It seems that those of us with gears in our heads can never really agree on anything.  We all have our own tribes and rarely do we mingle with other clans: Ford, GM, Mopar, pre ’64, newer, muscle, street, the list is endless.  There is one thing though that I think most of us do agree on, we dig Customs.  The numbers don’t lie.  If it’s been frenched or chopped, has white walls, metal flake or side pipes and has that stance, stance, stance y’all can’t get enough.  It’s Custom cool and it’s contagious.

Most shows, even the biggies, only draw a handful of Customs.  Traditional Custom aficionados, Kevin Anderson and Bob Davis recognized that void and Custom Car Revival was born.  The parameters are straight up, Traditional Custom cars only.  No Hot, Street, or Rat Rods.  Muscle Cars move on.  Pin up contest, nope not at Custom Car Revival.  It is strictly Traditional Customs, 200 of them at that.  200 of the finest examples of Traditional Customs you’ll ever see in one spot.  Ever!  It was a staggering sight.

Unfortunately Mother Nature broke up the party early.  Even after the tornado sirens went off though, people weren’t scrambling for cover.  One, no one wanted the show to end – myself very much included in that.  And two, these folks are the real deal.  A little rain isn’t going to bother a fella that’s driven his ’51 Chevy Fleetliner from Colorado to Indy.   You see, most of these folks drove to this show, that’s just part of the “tradition” with these Traditional Custom devotees. From California, Colorado, New York, Ontario and many states in-between, they came from both coasts and most drove.  They’re the real deal all the way around!

Custom Car Revival was the perfect throwback to the old school outdoor car show.  A diner parking lot, filled to capacity with wide whites and more louvers and fender skirts than the swinging ’60’s ever saw.  It was metal flake, candy colors and chrome by the ton.  It was Custom Car Revival and it was lead sled nirvana!

If you would like to look through a few hundred more pics of these candy coated customs, head over to the Most Recent Show Gallery and spend some time with this unprecedented cavalcade of custom cool!

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