Custom Car Revival, Traditional Customs At Their Finest

For a car show, it’s a tall order to fit the bill of a one of a kind gem however, the Custom Car Revival fits it to a tee. This easy, low key show offered one of the most spectacular displays of Traditional Customs ever gathered. Custom Car Revival is geared purely for the love, appreciation and perpetuation of this segment and holds the honor of the country’s only exclusive all Traditional Custom Show.

Friends, those of us in attendance were in the candy shop. We overheard one fellow saying, “It’s an honor to be at this show”  and we couldn’t agree more. Custom Car Revival is a class act.  You know it’s gotta be good with the likes of John D’Agostino and Darryl Starbird taking in the time honored treasures. We had the good fortune to be at the epicenter of Custom Cool and it was out of this world!

The magic years for the slick sleds are 1936 through ’65 and these righteous rides offered a dizzying display of smoking hot flames, Scallops and Stripes.

The 2019 Custom Car Revival saw the historic inaugural King of the Mercs gathering. This year the Mercurys dominated again and in addition to the King of the Mercs for 2021, there was, in this author’s words, Shoebox Splendor. The show saw over 100 ’49-’51 Mercurys and Shoebox Fords. More than 100 Mercurys and Shoeboxes in one spot, that never happens but it did at the Custom Car Revival.


With 200 cars, we took over 1200 pics, these rides have depth of detail beyond compare. There were louvers, lake pipes and some very heavy lead with Continental Kits, chopped tops, canted headlights with just the perfect accent of chrome.

Brilliant beauties from the East Coast, West Coast and all points in between were parked bumper to bumper. The kaleidoscope of customs came in every possible flavor.

Take a gander at what staging looked like, it was one gem after another.

Want more from the Custom Car Revival, you can check out the Gallery here. Enjoy!

The show was born out of the longing for “the good old days” of car shows. Kevin Anderson and Bob Davis are the glorious gear heads behind the show. Devotees of Traditional Customs will forever be in their debt. This show is firing on all eight and is showing no signs of slowing down. As far as “the good old days”, they are here to stay! Thank you sirs, it is a show of shows!

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We have had the pleasure of hitting up the Custom Car Revival show for several years. Each year a brand new show. Be sure to check our coverage from past years in the Show Stopper Gallery.  

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!