“Durty 30”

I’m sure you are going to remember this from last year ’cause you hang on my each and every word, but for my new friends and those of you that need a little memory jog let me explain. After we got home from Viva Las Vegas and the SEMA show we got to thinking about ALL the incredible rides we saw. We decided there were some outstanding rides that deserved or rather demanded more attention. So for the second year now we have come up with a list of our SEMA Super Stars. It’s a list of the rides that we thought would shine on the pages of this blog. Stunning, stand out rides that we wanted to award the title of SEMA Super Star. So over the next several weeks yours truly will be bringing you the incredible rides we saw that we thought were more than deserving of a moment in the spotlight.

So here it is our first SEMA Super Star for 2016. (Drumroll please). From Junkyard Dog to the Belle of the Ball, friends meet the all steel Model A Roadster “Durty 30”. I had the very good fortune to be able to talk to the father/son team behind this incredible build, Graham and Joel Cannon. It was great to hear first hand the blood, sweat, tears, love and just a little bit of time that went into this incredible ride. This father/son building duo hail from Canada and Joel owns and operates his own body shop Collision Solutions in Okotoks, Alberta Canada. And it goes without saying, these boys know their hot rods. With intensions of building a ratrod, the Cannon’s started “Durty 30” with a junkyard Model A, a ’40 Chevy hood and a ’41 Hudson grille. When the Cannons mocked up the parts, they took one look and thought “hey, this just might work”. Well, work it did and the rest is custom build history. With the ratrod concept a distant memory the Cannon’s “Durty 30” sure made a splash at this year’s SEMA. Although virtually hidden behind the drifting track and parked in and amongst the behemoths of diesel truckdom, there was a constant, I mean constant stream of admirers taking in every last inch of this custom rod. Note to all, if these fellas make the trek south again next year I guarantee this ride will be front and center on the main floor. And frankly in my humble opinion, this show stopper should have had a place on the podium at SEMA Ignited, just saying.

Lets get down to the nitty gritty on this piece of rolling art. Darn near everything on the ride is one off custom. The polished and brushed billet rose gold custom wheels grab your attention immediately and you know right off the bat you’ve never seen a ride like this one before. As Joel put it, it’s a “Frankenstein of parts and pieces that we have made work”. I think it does a smidge more than just work. Simply put this ride is incredible. The thought and attention to detail is mind boggling. So much so, this ride has seen several incarnations each more innovative and cutting edge than the last. And this the fourth and final embodiment of their joint visions will be the last version for “Durty 30”; this look is here to stay. And after a few more tweaks this ride will be done. This talented and artistic duo will soon see the completion of their masterpiece. Here are some of the “Durty”details. Staying true to their GM roots “Durty 30” has a LS2 power plant with a Vortech Supercharger capable of putting out 600 rear wheel horsepower. This isn’t speculation either, this beauty once wore slicks and is a 10 second street car. According to Joel, “when you put that kind of time into a ride you have to get out and enjoy it.” I would say 10 second rips sound quite enjoyable. Want more, how about the Indy Car -esque push rod front suspension, suicide doors, original ’32 rails, 13in Wilwood brakes, 6 speed 6L80 transmission. Custom paint, that by the by at show time was only three weeks old; black candy topped with copper pearl topped with another coat of black candy, resulting in an ever changing incredible finish. To contrast that smooth shell “Durty 30” is capped with a custom ostrich skin roof, a stunning and perfect contrast. The newly redone copper on top of stainless custom seats are off the hook. The Racepac LED dash will soon be replaced with an iPad, one of the aforementioned tweaks that have yet to be done to the car. The iPad will control/display just about everything and that’s mighty cool! How about color changing LED headlights and the “Durty 30” even has an ebony hardwood floor. I’m sure Mr. Ford’s mind would be sufficiently blown if he could catch a glimpse of this ride, the most leading edge mechanics married to his modest Model A. Truly an amazing car and an equally amazing father/son team behind it. Way to go guys!

I could go on for days about this ride but I’ll let you cast an eyeball now so you can see for yourself the details of this rolling piece of automotive art.

Now, I want you to remember this day because it will be a very important one. If you haven’t already seen it on FaceBook, you are about to watch your first episode of KruzinUSA’s Builders Showroom TV, our newest effort to bring our loyal fans the latest and greatest from the world of Professional Hot Rod Builders. You are going to put this date down with the likes of your first viewing of Knight Rider, Bitchin’ Rides and Street Outlaws, I’m just sure of it. Now cast your eyeballs at your new favorite show KruzinUSA’s Builders Showroom TV starring “Durty 30”.

Keep your eyes out for this dynamic duo; we sure have not seen the last from this Canadian pair. A little birdie told me we need to be on the lookout for a Riddler contender a couple of years down the road. When they make it to that arena my money is on them to take the prize!

I want to send a special thank you to Graham and Joel for taking time out their very very busy SEMA week to give me the lowdown on this beauty. They are two of the nicest and most talented fellas I have encountered in all my travels. Thanks again and keep building!

If you are interested in this automotive artistry from our neighbors up north you can check them out www.collisionsolutions.ca.

More Super SEMA Stars on the horizon, each one bold, bright and beautiful. You aren’t gonna want to miss a single one!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!