Dutchboys Hot Rods ’71 Camaro

There are Camaros and then there are CAMAROS. This second gen from Dutchboys Hot Rods – I believe it’s the latter for sure! So here it is, last but certainly not least, SEMA Super Star number 10 – the Ducthboys Hot Rods 1971 Camaro RS. Father and son team Joe and Paul VanNus created this all steel stunner in their Kalamazoo, MI shop, with the intention of bringing attention to their business. Attention, they got it and in droves. The SEMA spotlight was on you and deservedly so; they hit this one out of the park.

Not only did this ride cause a major stir at SEMA as a show car, which is no small feat, but this Camaro also has pure racing coded in its DNA. Paul put it ever so poetically when he said, “It is going to be a show car for SEMA week but we’re giving it hell after that.” The LS7 700 hp powerplant, Detroit Speed suspension, JRI coilovers, Baer brakes and Forgeline rollers sure back that statement up. The GM/Trans Am race look, custom body mods finished off with the satin matte PPG finish are just some of the highlights of this show car/race car hybrid. That huge custom integrated spoiler must be mentioned because it’s really the final touch that makes this second gen stand in a league all it’s own. Paul’s passion for 70’s era Trans Am cars is most definitely realized in this modern masterpiece. And it’s clear, they are going to give this Camaro hell and it will happily take it.

How’s about a recap of those other nine SEMA Super Stars. Quite a bunch!

Let’s see, 238 days or so until SEMA 2016, but hey whose counting. Up next – World of Wheels, right on!