Farm Truck and AZN Encounter

There are many things that impress me but fame is not really one of them, with a few very notable exceptions. At one point I think I mowed over a couple of kids and maybe a Grandmother to get a picture with Shirley Muldowney and maybe I ran all out to get to a shot with Big Daddy Don Garlits. So, you get my drift when it comes to me and famous folks. Rewind to this summer; Salina, Kansas and the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular. I nearly fell on my face when I saw none other than Farm Truck and AZN from my most favorite show Street Outlaws, just hanging out with their rides with and the rest of the fine KKOA’ers. I couldn’t believe my eyes, those two crazy nuts just shooting the breeze with us mere mortals. If you aren’t familiar with this dynamic duo they are part of the ensamble of street racers that make up the amazing Discovery Network show Street Outlaws. In my opinion their antics and fantastic rides make the show. I know this might just sound like a fan gushing but these guys were awesome, super down to earth, willing to take pictures and chat. It seemed like they really appreciated their fans and their fame hasn’t gone to their heads.

Here is some up close and personal of my brush with fame at this year’s KKOA Leadsled Spectacular. I edited out the star struck pics of me and the boys, sorry it was just too embarrassing. But if you were wondering yes I have autographs and it still thrills me.

Got to see both rides in action at the Run What U Brung races!

I think these two are worth acquainting yourself with. They are just the right amount of crazy screwball pranksters and shrewd street race sharks that keep you coming back for more. Check them out on their FaceBook page and at Street Outlaws. And if you don’t watch the show – watch it!