“Gone Mad” ’55 Nomad Insanity – A Real SEMA Super Star!

For our next SEMA Super Star we go from the “beast” to the “beauty”. Your jaw will be dropping and your tongue will be wagging for the stunner up next. It’s ok to ” go mad” every once in a while. Especially when it’s for an over the top, unexpected, cutting edge, radical take on a classic ride. Case in point, “Gone Mad 55” an absolutely stunning ’55 Nomad from Classic Car Studios.

The story behind this build is relatable to probably every hot rodder out there. The seed for this ride was planted many moons ago when a young Art Boze fell in love with his neighbor’s Nomad. Young Art would watch longingly as his neighbor came and went and ran all over town in that dream wagon. Longing became obsession, an obsession that stuck with him for life. Fast forward 60 some years and several hot rod builds later and Mr. Boze finally saw his dreams become reality with his latest addition to his stable, “Gone Mad 55”.

Mr. Boze trusted his dream to the very capable crew at Classic Car Studio out of St. Louis, MO. The bones for this dream machine were found in Arizona, another hot rodders “someday project that never was”. Immediately upon the arrival to St Louis, the well worn Nomad was stripped down to bare metal and the gang started working their magic. A year and half later Classic Car Studio delivered beyond expectations and Art had the keys in hand for his childhood obsession. A ride so crazy it just might make a guy “go mad”.

The first thing that hits you when you see “Gone Mad 55” is the cutting edge paint job. The final incarnation is a far cry from Art’s original idea for a red on red scheme. The BASF Glasurit Rescue Green and accent Mercedes Benz Gold Metallic draw immediate attention. This radical color scheme gives “Gone Mad 55” an aggressive look and feel, this is a ride with attitude. This baby be MAD! To match the unique and one of a kind exterior, unsurpassed attention to detail was paid to the interior. A killer look is putting it mildly. According to shop owner and builder Noah Alexander, when developing the mood for the interior of this rolling wonder they wanted a “vintage chilled out cigar lounge vibe”. Heavy on rich, masculine materials. The result, nada stock and “C” for Custom, for darn near everything on the inside. The custom door panels and console are covered with the same Relicate leather that was used on the custom Scat racing seats. The interior trim pieces, dash, and headliner are all custom and hand painted to mimic burled wood. Custom sheet metal fabrication is throughout the interior, undercarriage and engine compartment. Nestled in the immaculate engine compartment of “Gone Mad 55”, is an all aluminum 509 big block from Shafiroff Racing Engines that pumps out 650hp. Take a close look, no hoses or wires visible. How’s that for the super clean almost sterile “little lab”, the perfect environment to allow those horses to run wide open. A couple more specs on this ride: there are custom stainless headers made by Classic Car Studio, a 4L80E Bowler Performance transmission with a Bowler Compushift computer. She rolls with Billet SLG wheels on Pirelli P Zero tires. Wildwood components, give this draggin’ wagon the all stopping performance she could need. Last but not least the foundation for all this innovation rests on a Roadster Shop chassis. According to Noah, the Nomad was “built to be practical”. No bags here, that’s her static position. Keeping true to the original exterior Nomad lines, “mini tubs” were worked in to accommodate some fatter shoes, giving the ride “a big fat stance in the rear”. All total this is one over the top, mind blowing, right on ride.

Somewhere in the range of 2000 hours was spent building this ride with a staggering 800 hours on the interior. Look what you can do in 18 months, you can create one of the coolest conveyances going. Classic Car Studios and Art Boze have gone “Mad” and we have followed suit. Now see for yourself, theres no escaping going mad for “Gone Mad 55”.

Now here’s the latest installment of your favorite show Builders Showroom TV. This episode we are going mad for “Gone Mad 55”.

I have two words for whats coming up next. “Blow Dart”. Use your imagination.

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