Goodguys 27th Speedway Motors Heartland Nationals

The Goodguys Heartland Nationals was all that and then some.  4,500 different takes on Hot Rods, Customs, Classics and Trucks filling the picturesque Iowa State Fairgrounds made for an event that was beyond compare.  The Heartland Nationals is a summer staple with devotees traveling from both coasts to meet at America’s heart.  The setting, the rides and the oh so toasty Midwestern weather, it was like Goodguys tore a page out of the perfect show handbook and made it come to life in Des Moines!

The stars of the show at the Heartland Nationals were of course the rides.  The finery ran the spectrum from horseless carriages from the early 1900’s to radical rides all the way up to 1987.  There was everything and I mean everything in-between.  Opening the cutoff up to 1987 was as stroke of genius on Goodguys part.  The more the merrier, the fairgrounds could certainly take the extra iron and isn’t variety, the spice of life?

The Heartland Nationals had everything from, Classics, Coupes and Customs.

There were tons of Trucks and Muscle Machines for miles.

And rides that ranged from rusted to refined and everything in between.

This was a gathering of all walks of Hot Rodding at it’s best.

Now give yourself a couple of minutes, head over to the Most Recent Show Gallery and take a virtual stroll though the acres of awesomeness that was the Goodguys Heartland Nationals!

Check out the Goodguys schedule.  No doubt there’s one near you.

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FYI, it’s on to the big one, we’re Columbus bound!

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