GoodGuys Nostalgia Nationals

I have one word for you; TRI-FECT-A! The GoodGuys 4th Nostalgia Nationals at Beech Bend Raceway Park was nothing shy of perfection. They knocked it out of the park, the Raceway Park that is, with: Vintage Drag Racing, Auto Cross and last but not least Cars, Cars, Cars! Oh yes, a TRI-FECT-A, to beat the band. Forgive me in advance, this one might go on for a bit but it’s worth it.

Let’s get to the #1 of our Trifecta friends, the Vintage Drag Racing. Tell me where can you sit under covered bleachers, individual seats if you were on the tower side, only feet from the track watching some of the country’s best heads up racing action. Yep, Beech Bend Raceway at the GoodGuys Nostalgia Nationals that’s where. The racing was phenomenal and went on from gates open to close, real folks out there with their cars just tearing it up. Right on GoodGuys for bringing Vintage Racing back to Beech Bend Raceway Park. The #2 of this amazing weekend – the AutoCross. Move over vendors, the AutoCross took over your territory on the oval track and what a perfect spot for the tire screeching, hot cornering action. There was plenty of room to let the ponies run and really put those chassis to the test. If you wanted to move on from the AutoCross, all you had to do was walk a few feet and you were in and amongst the #3 of our Trifecta the rides, rides, rides. As always top notch Classics, Hot Rods and Customs were out in force for the Nostalgia Nats.

Picture this if you will, you are at a spectacular car show, over 1,500 insane rides covering the full spectrum from daily driver survivors to big buck Builder’s Choice contenders. The rides are nestled in the rolling shaded acreage but if you wanted the clear Kentucky sun there was tons of that too. You could walk and walk just taking in the finery. Not really possible but, if you needed a break from looking at the stunners on the grounds, all you need to do is walk barely 50 yards to one of the most intriguing vintage dragways out there. Grab yourself a shaded seat, sit back and watch the show unfold only feet from where your sitting. When there’s a break in the drag racing action you decide to stretch your legs and again head out and in only a few steps you are at more racing action, this time AutoCross. On your way over to the AutoCross track you grab a piece of fried apple pie, yep fried apple pie and go find yourself a seat in the bleachers to watch the AutoCross. And we all know how much fun that is. All the while you think to yourself gee I’m a lucky cuss. Gear Head Nirvana, too good to be true, only in your dreams you say. Nope friends and that pretty much described my Saturday at the GoodGuys Nostalgia Nationals. Talk about a hum dinger of a TRI-FECT-A, GoodGuys hit it right out of the park!

It’s all there in the Most Recent Show Gallery. Take a gander, it’s worth the trip.

If a picture is worth a thousand words very humbly, I guess these videos are priceless.

GoodGuys indeed but for the 4th GoodGuys Nostalgia Nats. I’d have to say GreatGuys!

We’re coming up on the best time of the year, what’s better than an Iron Invasion and Wheelstand Championship? Not sure much is. There’s so much more on the horizon, stay tuned.