GoodGuys PPG Nationals

Guess who decided to go on a road trip, yep it was me. I took my own advice and just hopped in my car headed west to the GoodGuys PPG Nationals in the great city of Columbus, Ohio. I must have been nuts to think I could let the summer go by without hitting this show of shows. I don’t really have to say it because you already know it but I will anyway, it was awesome. Take a looksee at the tip of this automotive iceberg.

Everything at the PPG Nats is just amped up a bit from the other GoodGuys shows. This is very apparent at the AutoCross. The stakes are high all weekend long with some serious dollars on the line and probably even more important are bragging rights that come along with winning at the GoodGuys Nationals. The Sponsor Shootout was particularly exciting to watch. All the sponsors of the GoodGuys AutoCross are represented with the best of the best behind the wheel. Here is the final between “Rockin” Rob MacGregor driving for Hurst Shifters and Kyle Tucker putting his money where his mouth is driving for a very personal interest for Detroit Speed, PSST… it’s his company. Tucker came out on top by 1/100 of a sec. Those cones can really kill you.

At the end of the day Saturday, GoodGuys announced the winners of Street Rod and Street Machine of the Year. I’ve got to say it’s very interesting to hear from the owners and builders about their builds, the genesis of these outstanding rides as well as the ins and outs of the process. It’s nice to see world renowned builders and owners just being regular guys. I must admit I was a bit star struck and really impressed with Mr. Poteet. Here is a birds eye view of all 10. Trust me this was the first time ALL weekend that there weren’t swarms of people around these rides. Hence my birds eye view from high in the Celeste Center bleachers and during the presentation to boot!

Suffice to say there were thousands and thousands and thousands of like minded gear headed good guys and gals out in Columbus to take in all the sights the PPG Nats had to offer. I thought you might like to have a look at what it was like to walk down one of the 7 or so aisles of rides vying for a Builder’s Choice Award. Keep in mind this was at the end of the day so the crowds has thinned out considerably. Just thought you would like to see some of what the best of the best had to offer at the PPG Nats.

There is so much more that I will be adding on the days to come. This was the PPG Nats after all!

The heat is rising and I’m feeling a Meltdown coming, The Meltdown Drags that is. This weekend the sister show to the Hunnert Car Heads Up is at The historic Byron Dragway and we’ll be there.