Great 8 Finalist – 1940 Ford Opera Coupe

The fantastic Ford that rounds out the Detroit Autorama Great 8 Finalist list for 2018 is the beautifully hand fabricated 1940 Opera Coupe, crafted into the stratosphere by Farrell Creations and Restorations.  Proud owner of the Coupe, Reid Hotaling sure knew what he was doing when he brought his ride to Farrell Creations and Restorations.   As with most builds, the ’40 Coupe started in one direction and just kept going up one level to the next until there was nowhere else to go but for the Ridler.  Interestingly, Mr. Hotaling bought the Ford in 1965 for $500, started customize it in the late 60’s and never looked back.  Fast forward 40 years, and Reid made the very wise decision in 2012 to bring the car to Tom Farrell and the rest is Great 8 history.

Mr. Farrell and company pulled out all the stops when it came to customizing this Coupe.  With only a few body mods, the build kept true to the original lines, however Farrell did leave his artful mark on the car in many subtle ways.  To start with, they shaved the drip rails of the Ford.  Farrell and his team then widened the fenders 2 inches and pie cut the hood 4 1/2.  The back of the car was set back an inch and lowered, artfully augmenting the ’40 with an on point stance.

In addition, this ride is full of one off custom parts.  The list is extensive and includes:  those knockout headlights, grille, radiator, tail lights and license plate frame.  And etched in the glass behind the doors is a very subtle V8.  Well, that nod to the power plant is a pressure switch that opens the doors.  Hello Henry, how about them apples!

Hot Rod interiors by Chuck Hanna adroitly crafted the custom interior.  Tan leather, covers the aluminum panels throughout the Ford.  That detail extends to a matching upholstered panel under the hood.  The original dashboard was stretched to cover the new A/C unit and a custom Classic Instruments cluster rounds out the modernization of the dash.   Lastly, LED inserts augment the running boards.

A ZL1 all aluminum big block gives this cool coupe a might dose of motor moxie.  BAER Brakes with Nitto Tires and an MDS ignition outfit this Coupe with the best of the 21st Century.  All of this custom elegance rides on an Art Morrison chassis with coil over double wishbone front suspension.

Farrell Creations and Restorations artistically adapted modern technology and design to the classic of classics the 1940 Ford.  Let your peepers roam.

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