Great 8 Finalist Jason Graham ’34 Ford Pickup

The next Great 8 Finalist showcases the talents of Jason Graham.  This ’34 Ford Pickup is just one in a list of many award winning rides from this automotive artist.  Graham calls this 11 month project, “the highest quality build that has ever come out of his shop”.  That’s a pretty hefty statement coming from the guy that turned out one of my personal favorites, the 1940 Merc “Sexy Blond”.  Interestingly, when owner Danielle Lutz turned the truck over to Jason she had only 3 requests; that the truck be blue with a tan interior and have a pocket in door for her cell phone.  The rest of this ride, pure Jason Graham.

When you cast an eye at this ride, the cab and doors are the only original ’34 Ford pieces.  Every other element has the Jason Graham touch that elevated this trick truck to a Ridler contender.  One off custom hand made, is the only way to describe everything else on this ride.  It sports a custom hood, valve covers, wheels, grille and an incredible louvered belly pan.  This is a ’34 Ford Pickup with a sleek modern look.  To bring this Ford into the 21st Century, Graham and his team chopped the top 4 1/2 inches.  They stretched the cab 1 1/2 inches and then raked the A pillars back .  The body has been channeled over a custom frame.  All together achieving a radically proportioned look earning this Ford a well deserved spot on the Great 8 list.

In addition to smokin’ hot looks on the outside, everything on the inside of this cool conveyance is equally spectacular.  It’s a Ford in a Ford for this Great 8 Finalist.  A stroked 347 small block, with an Englese stacked injection gives this Pickup quite a bit of giddy up.  A Tremec 5-speed transmission and a Winter Quick Change rear end round out the drive train.  And if you take a gander at the bed of the Pickup, you’ll see the unique placement of said rear end .

This ride has all the creature comforts you’ll find in a 2018 vehicle wrapped in a 1934 package.  Power windows, A/C and a custom interior done in Relicate leather elevate this Pickup to luxury class.  And lastly, that standout paint is an original early Ford color, Washington Blue.  I bet old Henry would be thrilled to see this bad boy in his blue rolling down the road!  If you were keeping track, Jason adroitly checked off  the 3 requests from the trucks owner, and in a mighty fine fashion wouldn’t you say!

Jason Graham and his shop are part of our Builders Nation, head over to his Builder Showroom and have a look-see.

Mr. Graham will be taking this trick truck on the show circuit for the next year and then the proud owner is going to hit the road and drive the wheels off it.

Check out Jason Graham Hot Rods site and feast your eyes on all of his efforts.

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