Great 8 “Split Ray” 1966 Custom Corvette

Is there such a thing as a sleeper custom? Well, I’d have to argue in the case of the show stopping “Split Ray” ’66 Corvette there is. At first glance this C2 looks almost factory, straight off the showroom floor but then upon further inspection you recognize there’s something different but you just can’t put your finger on it. This ride is subtly at it’s finest. With Scott Roth at the helm, the 10 person crew at the Auto Shoppe in Vermont are the brains and the braun behind “Split Ray”. A mere 17 months at 17 hours a day were put into this build and this beauty rolled into the Cobo Center and right onto the Great 8 list. Must say, that was time well spent. What makes this ride so different and where does “Split Ray” come from you ask. Well, the 1966 Corvette was split right down the middle, and widened 6 3/8”. In doing so Scott and his crew at the Auto Shoppe created “the first true wide-body C2 supercar on the planet”. The subtly of body mods, will baffle even the most diehard Corvette aficionado. And that extra real estate gained from widening the ’66 enabled Scott and company to nestle “Split Ray” on a Roadster Shop chassis and add 19×11’s and 20×12’s all the while keeping with the original factory body lines. “Split Ray” is powered by a supercharged LS9 giving this ‘Vette plenty of get up and go. The interior has all the modern amenities and enough tech to power to make your head spin. And thank goodness, it’s all controlled by your little old smart phone. Nostalgia on the outside, pure high tech on the inside. The perfect blend of old and new.

Now train your eyes on this beauty and marvel at the suble craftsmanship that is “Split Ray”.

A little more of “Split Ray”

We’re on a roll now. Another Great 8 tomorrow, it’s gonna knock your socks off.

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